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Hangover Kit Mini Tote Bags DIY

Posted by Wallter on 2/17/2016 to DIY Projects
How To Be Prepared In Case of a (HANGOVER) Emergency ....

SOOOO — You're hosting or planning a party ... Our original & custom designed miniature tote bags make a wonderful one-of-a-kind & useful party favor!

There are plenty (and I mean PLENTY!) of situations where your party guests will need backup items. For example, whenever they’ve had just the teensiest bit too much to drink the night before: you just know they’re gonna need to find some aspirin in the morning. And if you’ve prepared ahead and got them one of these nifty mini emergency hangover kit party favors from Right On The Walls, they won’t have to go searching when all they feel like doing is hiding under a rock! lol

The Oh Shit Kit for Bridal Emergencies

Posted by Wallter on 2/1/2016 to DIY Projects
Our PG-13 Rated Oh Shit Kit tote bags are fun to make, give and receive ... The large tote bags are personalized for the bride (or bridal party), and sure to save someone's butt on the wedding day! :)

Part of my duties at Right On The Walls includes attending loads of weddings, so I’m kind of an expert by now! But it doesn’t take an expert to know how STRESSFUL a wedding day can be — and everyone goes out of their way to make sure the BRIDE is happy, amiright? An unhappy BRIDE spells trouble for sure. Duck and cover.

Make sure that ALL of her bases are covered on the big day just in case something disastrous occurs by making a customized emergency Oh Shit Kit tote bag for the bride! And by “disastrous” I’m talking about dire events like a tear in a hem, a run in pantyhose, hair coming undone, or hunger making the bride as cranky as a rhinoceros.
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