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Wall Decals: Your Surface Application Questions — Answered

Posted by Administrator on 7/21/2015 to Vinyl TIPS
The Right Vinyl on the Right Surface = SUCCESS!

Hey everyone! Do you have questions about the best way to apply our vinyl wall decals to different surfaces? We get emailed many questions daily … so I’m going to answer our most popular questions & clear some things up about what works for best results.

Certain types of interior walls can prove challenging (textured, painted or dirty walls), so it’s important to understand ahead of time what kinds of surfaces work best for removable wall decals.

Successful interior wall decals start with the right vinyl. Right On The Walls offers top-quality vinyl with a matte finish and a removable adhesive back.

Why is Matte Finish Vinyl so Important?
Interior lighting can cause glare to obscure the text or graphic of the shiny or “glossy” vinyl sold elsewhere. Also, the adhesive of glossy decals is not as forgiving or removable, therefore it can damage your wall. Matte vinyl is the standard recommended safe removable adhesive vinyl for application on your interior walls.

How Many Colors Do You Carry?
Right On The Walls offers over 35 vinyl colors to choose from that match or complement any decorating taste. To test the colors we have available in your own home, order color samples on our website.

Applying vinyl on any rough or porous surface lowers its ability to adhere. Textured painted walls are some of the toughest challenges with wall decals.  The rougher the surface, the weaker the bond!

Can I Stick Wall Decals On My Textured Wall?
Our products will stick to light textured walls easily, but may not stick well to extremely textured or rough surfaces. If your wall is heavily textured, please test adhesion of our products by ordering a Product Sample.

Is it ok to Apply Wall Decals to Plaster Walls?
Yes, our wall decals will stick to painted plaster walls. Do not apply to cracked, crumbling or peeling plaster or paint.

Can I Apply Wall Decals to Paneling?
Yes, our wall decals will stick to your plain wood or painted paneling. The challenging thing with paneling is the grooves; should you form the wall decal into the groove, or not? We recommend that you DO allow your wall decal to form into the grooves to prevent dust from accumulating behind the decal and lifting it from your wall.

Will Wall Decals Stick to Wallpaper?
Usually. Our products will adhere well to typical wallpaper applications, but we always recommend testing your surface with a Product Sample to be certain. Some wallpaper has texture or porous surface that may not work with our product.

Can I Stick Wall Decals on Wood or Cinder Block?
Apply wall decals to painted wood or cinder block only, they will not adhere well to bare porous surfaces.

Different types of paint can create different results and challenges. The two most common interior paints used are enamel and latex.

What Type of Paint Works Best for Wall Decals?
Enamel paint is best for usage with vinyl wall decal decorating because it provides a consistently smooth, non-porous surface.

Will “Green” or “Zero VOC” paints work with wall decals?
Using new “green” Zero VOC paints on your walls can affect how well vinyl decals adhere. If the paint says “zero VOC” or “VOC free,” it’s NOT vinyl wall decal friendly and it’s possible that wall decals will eventually drape or fall off after application. This is due to incompatibility with the Zero VOC latex paint.

Can I Apply Wall Decals on a Newly Painted Wall?
Freshly-painted walls present another difficulty. If decals are applied on walls too soon, bubbles can form under the adhesive and weaken it. Right On The Walls recommends allowing any newly-painted surface to “cure” for at least 3 weeks before applying wall decals.

Watch out for dust. A smooth or textured wall can hide enough accumulated dust to cause adhesive problems.

How Should I Clean My Wall for Wall Decal Application?
We recommend in our installation instructions to wipe down the area beforehand with a damp, lint-free cloth. Make sure it’s clean and dust-free. Let the surface dry completely and apply your wall decals!!

I hope this has cleared up some questions regarding different surface challenges with wall decal application. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me or post a comment below anytime!!



Gaynelle Lowery
Date: 12/30/2015
How long do you keep files? I may want another decal once I receive this one.

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