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Posted by Administrator on 7/1/2015 to NEWS
USA! USA! USA! So, you know how people chant “USA!” at the Olympics and other international events? Sometimes we get so excited about our stuff that we break into a mini-USA chant ourselves!

Why? Cuz we’re a small business in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA (voted one of the best place to live in the US!). We take pride in our creative and original handmade products (no cookie-cutter designs or out-of-country imports) at Right On The Walls!

EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of our original products is designed by our staff, and proudly Made In The USA! Hooray! (Cue patriotic music)

So … Let me take you on a behind-the-scenes tour and introduce you to some of the people joyfully creating super products — just for you.

We’re located in a very historic building (built 1904-1907) that was once the largest warehouse between New York and Chicago, with river barges and trains unloading their cargo inside. The industrial feel of our workspace feels ultra-modern and hip to us. (Plus, we’ve been told the building is HAUNTED! How fun is that?)

Good morning! Here’s what you see first thing: our lobby. Great for a quick chat with co-workers or other tenants in the building. (Doesn’t really look haunted, does it?)

Our building is filled with creative people and businesses — our neighbors include a film studio, fashion magazine, make-up artist, event planner, several photographers and quite a few ad agencies.

Welcome to Right On The Walls!Hang up your coat (it’s still a bit chilly in the ‘Burgh this time of year).Notice our recycled poetic door coat rack. Now it’s time for your personal tour of Right On The Walls!

Our shop is basically broken up into 4 areas. We have (1) the Wall Decal Production Shop, (2) Wedding Shop, (3) Office Area and (4) Storage. Nice view!

It really IS a spectacular vista. On a clear day, we can even see the Steelers playing at Heinz Field in the distance.

Okay, enough gazing out the window … there’s work to be done!

This is Portia. At Right On The Walls, she cuts and removes excess vinyl from decals. This is professionally called “weeding,” but in our shop we refer to it fondly as “sticker pickin’.” lol. Portia is ALSO a mom to an adorable two-year-old daughter, a tattoo artist, and jewelry designer.

Meet Michele. Michele sticker-picks too, and she runs one of our tape machines. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may feel like you already know her since we’re pals and I’ve featured her in my blog before. Outside of Right On The Walls, Michele is a professional writer and also enjoys making jewelry and spending time with her 3 cats. (“I am NOT a crazy cat lady!” ~Michele)

See the TV in the upper right of the above photo? Our very cool “boss lady” Bunny ordered cable so we can hear “The Ellen Show” in the background daily! Yes, we DO break out and dance along. How can we not?

Here’s a shot of ROTW gals in the shop. We made tote bags for a friend’s video project. (From left to right; Candee, Micheleand “boss lady” Bunny.)

Last, but not least: Meet Bunny. We call her “boss lady” Bunny. She’s the founder of Right On The Walls, and heads up our design and web teams. Outside of the office Bunny enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and their 2 cats. These days, Bunny is busy with diy home remodeling, decorating, and painting — updating their 1950′s home.

One of our giant printers is shown above. It’s used for printing large format images, canvas, banners, photo cutouts, labels, stickers and so much more!

We require a LOT of storage area … we try hard to keep it neat so we can find things when we need them! Easier said than done sometimes …

Boxes of shipping boxes and mailing tubes are sent to us automatically every month to keep us well-stocked for orders shipping out all across the USA and worldwide.

We ship most of our packages out USPS Priority Mail. Sorting and packaging orders can be crazy. We use large hampers to transport our boxes to the shipping/loading dock in the basement of our building.

Adding extra tape to every box … just a little ‘something extra’ to make sure it arrives at your door safely.

That pink shipping tag means an order is headed somewhere far away and foreign and exotic! I think it’s fascinating that we have so many international customers; places like England, Ireland, Anguilla, Egypt, Thailand … lots to Canada and Australia.

We take full hampers to our loading dock on the first floor for pick-up. A large USPS truck picks up the hampers full of your wall decal orders, then they’re transported to a sorting facility before beginning their journey to your home or office.

So … that brings us to the end of the tour. Hope you enjoyed getting an insider’s view of the place, and learning how every product is produced right here in the good ol’ USA! Please email me now if you would like me to share more about our business or if you have any questions. I love questions!

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