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Veterinarian or Dog Groomer Wall Decals for Your Animal Hospital or Waiting Room

Posted by on 10/31/2016 to NEWS
It must be pretty obvious that we're a bunch of animal lovers here because we often get orders and requests for pet-related designs. So of course we have many, many to choose from!

Right On The Walls has animal decals especially for veterinarians, animal hospitals, groomers, and pet-lovers of an stripe. (Stripe! Get it?)

Essential Wall Decals for your Animal Friendly Office

vet symbol wall decal

The Veterinarian Name and Tagline Wall Decal is highly proifessional! The decal adds personalization and sophistication to your office wall. Our wall decor is personalized with your own tagline or slogan and let's everyone know (staff included) just how dedicated you are to helping animals live healthier lives!

vet door hours decal

The Veterinarian Door Hours Decal is a creative way to advertise your business hours for all to see; perfect for the front door or window, or even on a wall near your doorway.

flea wall decal

Let your lobby walls do the talking with fully customizable sales tool wall decals! This Prevent Fleas and Ticks Wall Decal reminds pet owners to purchase supplies when they're in the office for a pet check-up. Advertise right on your waiting room walls in style. We have several other preventative messages available on our website, or ask us to custom design something just for you! We love custom work!

exam room door decal

A very popular choice is our Exam Room Door Decal. Personalize the text and room number for each doorway in your office with a super cute pawprint. This decal is easily applied and removable when you want to change up or add more exam rooms.

Other areas of your practice or animal hospital should not be neglected either. Unleash your creativity with easy-to-apply wall decal decorative motifs and quotes.

pawprints wall decal

The True Friends Wall Decal works behind the front desk, in the waiting room, or even in one of the exam rooms. All pet owners and animal lovers know this to be true. Select the text and pawprint color to coordinate with your office.

pawprint wall decal

Animal Pawprint Wall Decals look great placed on the wall or around the office in any pattern. They are fun to apply and add interest to your waiting room or office area. Direct the pawprints to a specific message you'd like your clients to read, or randomly place them around the room. Our pawprint wall decals spruce up any empty pet-friendly space!

We love it when customers show off their finished product and newly decorated spaces using Right On The Walls decals and ideas. A customer sent us this photo below of their beautifully finished waiting room area in an animal hospital. This was custom designed by our staff to fit within the measurements of the area.

animal hospital wall mural

Our wall decals appear painstakingly hand-painted on the wall and look very professional. We provide full step-by-step pictures and DIY instructions for easy application. You or a staff member can easily apply our professional wall decor in minutes and change the whole atmosphere of your office to make it more inviting and friendly.

A very popular and easy transformation takes place with our animal silhouette wall decor. We have a variety of Dog Wall Decals and Cat Wall Decals in many shadow silhouette shapes in different positions and breeds to spice up your walls. This is a very inexpensive and cheap wall decal option that really does make a huge difference.

cat wall decals

At Right On The Walls we work round-the-clock to come up with new and popular product ideas.

If you offer GROOMING Services, we've got that covered too!

groomer wall decal

Order the Grooming Available Wall Decal in a coordinating color to accent the decor of your space! Stylish, beautiful and most importantly — effective and space-saving decorative wall decals show the world what you offer!

Oh, and before I let you go ... this is just too cute not to share!

dog bone wall decal

Perhaps you give treats to your patients when they've been well behaved? We can add any text to this dog bone decal to personalize a treat jar or container.

Are you pet-inspired now? Browser through our ready-to-go Veterinarian Wall Decals, Dog Groomer Wall Decals or Pet Wall Decals for ideas and inspiration on our website. We can also work with your professional logo to create a business logo wall decal to apply behind the reception desk or in windows for you.

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