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The Oh Shit Kit for Bridal Emergencies

Posted by Wallter on 2/1/2016 to DIY Projects
Our PG-13 Rated Oh Shit Kit tote bags are fun to make, give and receive ... The large tote bags are personalized for the bride (or bridal party), and sure to save someone's butt on the wedding day! :)

Part of my duties at Right On The Walls includes attending loads of weddings, so I’m kind of an expert by now! But it doesn’t take an expert to know how STRESSFUL a wedding day can be — and everyone goes out of their way to make sure the BRIDE is happy, amiright? An unhappy BRIDE spells trouble for sure. Duck and cover.

Make sure that ALL of her bases are covered on the big day just in case something disastrous occurs by making a customized emergency Oh Shit Kit tote bag for the bride! And by “disastrous” I’m talking about dire events like a tear in a hem, a run in pantyhose, hair coming undone, or hunger making the bride as cranky as a rhinoceros.
(And if you’re the bride-to-be reading this, I’m just kidding about the rhinoceros! I swear.)

Right On The Walls offers personalized large and medium size Oh Shit Kit tote bags – the large size is only available in white and measures 16" high x 17" wide, while the medium is only slightly smaller at 15” wide x 16” high and is available in white, black or hot pink. All bags are customizable, of course, ‘cuz that’s what we do here! The bags are perfect for tucking in all those “just-in-case” items you want on hand for an emergency at the wedding venue! If you want to make a custom tote for each member of the bridal party (just in case of emergency), we can personalize each bag and every gal will have her own!

We have many tote bag designs available on our Right On The Walls website, and in our Etsy store!

Our bags are so popular that we've just added them in black and hot pink! We're so excited about the new colors for 2016!

Now, you might find it hard to believe, but we can’t read minds here at Right On The Walls … so we can’t know the perfect, exact items you'll need in your "Oh Shit!" emergency tote! You’ll have to take care of that yourself by heading off to Target, WalMart, a drug store, or even the local dollar store and picking up the essentials for your bride-to-be. But I’m here to help give you a few ideas to get started!
  • Needle & Thread – find a mini sewing kit that includes tweezers, needles, thread, buttons and safety pins.
  • Scissors – maybe even more than one pair because they always get misplaced!

  • Double-sided fashion tape
  • Super glue, duct tape, Sharpie marker – because duct tape can fix anything, just ask my dad.
  • Sunscreen – obviously this is only important for outdoor weddings!
  • Bobby pins, hair spray & assorted hair accessories – no wayward curls allowed out of place!
  • First Aid Kit – a blister from those sexy new shoes? No problem. Bug bite? Got it.
  • Stain remover pen or wipes – these are miracle workers in case of makeup on the neckline or spilled wine (hey! I made a rhyme!)
  • Feminine products and extra undies – you know why. Maybe extra pantyhose, too.
  • Pain reliever – what works best for you? Motrin? Tylenol? Aspirin? Because a wedding is NO time for a headache!
  • Snacks – apple, trail mix or crackers, etc. (See my earlier cranky rhinoceros comment.)
  • Bottled Water – gotta stay hydrated!
  • Plastic grocery or garbage bags – just because. There’s always something that needs bagged up.
  • Mints – Please, NOT gum!
  • Tuck a phone or camera charger in here, too.
  • Hand sanitizer – and they make the cutest little travel-sized bottles!
  • Lotion – dry hands? Flaky legs? No way!
  • Lip gloss – because you’ll be kissing people all over the place.
  • Clear nail polish & nail file – keep that manicure looking pretty. Plus use the polish if your pantyhose run.
  • Blotting papers – a shiny, sweaty face is a definite no-no for wedding pictures!
  • Tissues – who is crying? I don’t cry at weddings – much.


If you'd like us to change up the words a bit and make the bag your own, we can do that too! Just email our design team with your ideas and we'll work on a proof!

I’m sure you get the idea by now! You know the saying, “Shit Happens.” But when it does, you, the Bride, and the Bridesmaids will be ready with Oh Shit Kit! emergency tote bags from Right On The Walls!


P.S. The wedding day itself isn’t the ONLY time that “Oh Shit!” custom tote bags can come in handy – especially with all the special events that go along with getting married! While they’re perfect for the Bride on her big day, they’re also great for some of the events leading up to it: girls’ weekends, dress shopping, day-after bachelorette parties, shower gifts or favors… and more! Only your imagination limits the ideas! Stay tuned for more ideas with tote bags in various sizes!! Or contact us with your own ideas and we'll make them happen. :)

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