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Picture Taking Basics

Posted by Administrator on 5/3/2015 to Vinyl TIPS
Taking a Photo for Best Digital Printing. We offer some basic picture taking suggestions to get the best quality digital prints for photo cutouts, wall decals and the custom printed products we offer on our website.

1. Fill The Frame With Your Subject

Achieve the best possible enlargement by filling the picture frame with your subject.

2. Do Not Cut Off Portions Of The Body

Missing parts of your photograph will not make the best cutouts.
We can NOT add missing parts.

3. Keep A Steady Hand

Hold your camera steady or use a tripod for clear focus on your subject.
Under-focused or blurry spots will be much more noticeable when enlarged.

4. Illuminate Your Subject

Dimly lit photographs will reproduce as dark & dreary enlargements.
For best amateur results use natural outside lighting.

5. Use A Light or Solid Colored Background

Although we can remove any background, objects like grass, leaves, and complex backgrounds may hide portions of your subject. We can NOT add missing parts.

Please Note: We can not reproduce photography or artwork that is copyright protected. This includes any photograph you have not personally taken & any artwork you have not personally created — without consent from the original photographer or artist. We reserve the right to refuse and refund any photograph that is uploaded and found to be questionable.

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