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Meet Wallter

Posted by Administrator on 5/1/2015 to NEWS
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I’m Wallter with a Double ‘L’ — Get it?

(I think it’s funny…)

This is my blog. Wallterior Designer. I could not be more thrilled to have you here, reading my thoughts. But perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Self, what the heck is a wallterior designer?” Good question there, Self.

Full disclosure: it’s a brand new job title. I specialize in creating amazing focal points and artistic additions for your blank walls by working with you and the Right On The Walls design team to come up with something perfect! It’s an awesome job and I love it.

I’m just like an interior designer… but for your walls, of course!

In fact, that’s also how I got the double L’s in my name! Since I've been consulting here at Right On The Walls online, and right away the girls in the office added the extra ‘L.’ (Shout-out to Christy and Michele.) I totally think it works – even though I wonder if the girls may have been drinking that day. (I’m JOKING!!!)

ANYWAY. Please be patient with me, as I’ve never been put in charge of an official blog before. I mean, really… I’ve always been out in the field, doing decorating and design work with my clients! But now, I definitely need to get with the times

There’s much to come! Much to talk about! Much to explore in the Right On The Walls world (and not just for your walls)! Feel free to comment, ask questions… or just say hello. Send me ideas and pictures of your completed projects so we can post them!


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