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DIY Laundry Room “Missing Socks” Wall Decal

Posted by Administrator on 8/20/2015 to DIY Projects

I’ve got the cutest (not to mention EASIEST) little DIY laundry room wall decal idea for you today!

A Laundry Room Wall Decal that Helps to Find Missing Socks

Now, we all understand that laundry is not the most exciting task in the world. (Ha! To say the very least! I still remember my prim and proper mama, upon seeing the ever-growing pile of laundry, uttering naughty language!)

But using our adorable laundry room wall decal — and a few other accessories — can brighten your mood a little bit while you curse the ills of household work!

Here’s what you need:
• Fun "Dept of Missing Socks" wall decal
• Two wall hooks or nails (to hang your mini laundry line)
• Laundry line/rope/string
• 3 or 4 “lonely” un-matched socks
• Clothespins
• Scissors

I purchased the laundry line, hooks and clothespins at a local DOLLAR STORE!

Put up the decal using the easy-to-follow instructions included with your order.

It’s easy as can be! (Seriously, if a klutz like me can do it, anybody can! lol) For the purposes of this demo, I’m putting the decal up on our “test” wall in the Right On The Walls shop.

Position the hooks or nails in your wall just a little below and to the left and right of the decal. Use the directions included. The kind I used have a peel ‘n’ stick backing (and they leave no holes in the wall either) so there’s nothing to it.

After you’ve tied your clothesline or string from hook to hook, all that is left to do is hang up 3 or 4 unmatched socks with some clothespins! Add unmatched socks as needed.

Ta-dah! An easy updated look for your laundry room.
Now don’t you feel happier about doing laundry? (Ahem.)

We offer the Missing Socks wall decal in three sizes to fit your laundry room spacing needs, or we have a variety of other laundry room wall decal designs to choose from. If you have your own fun ideas to spruce up your laundry room, contact our design team and we’ll get to work creating it for you!

Send me pictures of YOUR newly-decorated laundry room and I’ll be sure to post them for all to see! You know how I always tell you I love to hear from customers — and I’m not kidding!  :)

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