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Right On The Walls®

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Right On The Walls® was started in 2007 by a full-time graphic designer mom with a dream to spend more time with her family & have fun doing it ...

Art. Design. Graphics. Creativity!
That's always been Bunny's thing.

Oh, and being a good mom to the cutest girl ever.
(No, of course she's never been the slightest bit biased on that point.)

Bunny (yes, that's her REAL name) started out working like a crazy woman for a busy advertising agency. But by 2007, she'd been juggling being a full-time graphic designer, web specialist and a mom for over 12 long years.

She started to think maybe her creative juices needed

Then Bunny noticed that space between that super-cute daughter's front teeth, heard the orthodontist's quote, and got a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realized that insurance did NOT cover braces! "C'mon think," she said to herself "how can I make the extra money doing something I enjoy?"

And right about the SAME TIME, our fearless ROTW leader married a fiery Italian guy and thought, "I really need to find a way to spend more time with my family, less time and that office AND pay for those braces."

That's when she saw the "Writing on the Wall."

She loved graphic design & home décor! She had always been creative, and enjoys spending time finding just the right decorating accents for her friends and families' homes. Plus, her childhood fondness for collecting and trading stickers suddenly came back when she found her old sticker album.

How could she put her passions together & make a living?
Voilà! — Right On The Walls was born!

It was finally time to BUST OUT OF THE CUBICLE and start a spankin' new business!
But it wasn't quite that easy ...
For two very long years she worked a full-time demanding ad agency job by day, and built Right On The Walls by night and weekend until it was finally time to take a giant leap of faith & leave the agency! (Yikes!)

Right On The Walls® was started in a small 6' x 12' spare bedroom in 2007.

Our shop today. 
We've grown out of the small spare bedroom, but we're still the same small family-run business.

Right On The Walls is a true labor of love.
(Right behind cute daughter and hubby.)

Bunny has built this business on a solid foundation of graphics and web experience. There's nothing more fun for us than creating wall decals & designs that make our customers as happy to put on their walls as they are for us to make.

Thank you for stopping in to visit and read our story. We truly appreciate our customers who've helped make this dream a reality for our family.

Please look around at the huge variety of products that we can personalized just the way you want — and let us know what we can do for you today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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