Please Note: 200 character limit per separate item placed in shopping cart.

Easy Instructions:

1. Enter Your Custom Text in box.
2. Select your favorite font from the drop down list.
3. Choose overall height of letters, measured in inches.
4. Select the background wall color to see a rendering of how your decal will look in your home.
5. Choose your text color from our available vinyl colors.
6. Optional Selections: Print and Save a copy. Add another layer of text.
7. Select the "Add to Cart" button to purchase your custom creation. Price shown reflects changes made to your custom text according to the height of your letters.

Additional Features:

8. Select the Monogram Tab and create a beautiful design with your initials.
9. Add Clipart to your custom Wall Decal or Monogram. We have a large assortment of clipart and embellishments to enhance your design.

A Few Clicks and A Little Imagination Instantly Transforms your Space!!

10. Have Fun! Get Creative! Enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Your letter height will be measured by the capital letter "A" of the font you have chosen. This height does not include any ascenders or descenders that may be in the custom text you have entered.

If you have a specific area you need to fit a design (height x width), please contact us for assistance. All fonts are not equal. Some fonts are larger and the overall length or height of your custom text will vary.

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