DIY for Small Biz Owners — Make Your Car into a Moving Billboard!

Hey, small business owners — we know advertising costs are expensive! So, here’s an awesome money-saving way to spread the word about YOUR business  — custom car decals!

Why not make your car … your truck … your van (heck, even your Harley) … into your very own personalized moving billboard? It travels with you to and from work … down major highways and even on vacation. You pass hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers weekly!

DIY Application is a Snap with Car Decals — I’ll show you:

car decalsMake sure you start with a clean & dry surface. If you are applying to glass, clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris.

Our easy-to-use car decals can be applied to your windows or anywhere on the exterior of your vehicle. Because we use “removable adhesive” decals, they will not take the paint off if you want to remove them later.

car decalsWe supply a detailed full-color instruction sheet with every order — making your DIY application simple as can be!

Installation is the same as when applying to any smooth surface. For a step-by-step guide, please check out one of my earlier posts with full Application Instructions.

car decalsIf you provide measurements to our design team, along with your logo and/or ideas — we’ll custom design a moving car decal billboard for you, too! What are you waiting for?  Contact us today!

As you can see developing in the picture below, applying these DIY car decals have transformed this regular, run-of-the-mill truck into a veritable advertising machine! A customer catcher! A check magnet!  (A “check magnet” — get it? huh? Get it? I crack myself up!)

car decalsWhether your business is large or small, get your website url and logo out on the road and in front of people!

car decalsStand back to admire your work! This quick transformation really catches attention — going from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of about 30 minutes.

car decalsDon’t forget to purchase additional decals for both sides of your vehicle! (Your business website and a phone number will give you the best results.)

We have 3 sizes of business domain car decals available on our Right On The Walls website. Choose the size that fits your space. Remember to order additional domain decals so you can apply at least one to each side of your vehicle. If we don’t have the exact size you need listed, we can custom make it for you! Just send me an email and I’ll get one of our designers to set it up lickety-split!

car decalsOur car decals will withstand harsh weather conditions and normal washing of your vehicle. The vinyl is outdoor rated for 3-5 years.

A big shout out to our friends at Pro Pressure Washing & Painting for taking these great step-by-step pictures for us of their own easy DIY install!

If you live in the Northern California Tahoe area, and need professional outdoor painting, faux interior painting or pressure washing — give them a call at 530-919-2710! I’ve seen their quality of work and it’s truly amazing!

Car decals are the perfect way to put your car to work — it’s like getting another salesman on your team for free! (one who won’t ask for long lunches or a raise)

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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