WIN PRIZES at our Carnival of GIVEAWAYS!


We’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary — with a CARNIVAL of GIVEAWAYS! You can WIN all kinds of awesome prizes! Starting this week, your game piece is already INSIDE your order. How’s THAT for easy?


Tucked inside your package is this “game instruction insert” that explains our Right On The Walls Carnival. Easy as can be!

What’s under that Big Top for you to win? Well, all kinds o’ good stuff like gift certificates to use toward purchases, $50 VISA Gift cards, “My Stache” Gift Jars… and other cool stuff, too!

There are 2 games at our Carnival: DUCK POND or RAFFLE TICKETS.


If you find one of these little cute critters enclosed with your order, you’re playing DUCK POND! Check for the number printed on the bottom of your game piece and then go to our facebook page each week to see if you’ve won!


You might have received a lucky RAFFLE TICKET with a special number on it instead!

We’ll be announcing the prizes and winning numbers for both games each week on our facebook page — so please join our page & check back again and again to see if you’ve won!

This Carnival lasts until all the prizes are given away! You can’t beat that. There’s only one bad thing about carnivals:



Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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