Wedding Spotlight: Personalized Chair Bands

Our NEW personalized chair bands are quickly becoming the new “must have” accessory for every big event! No long rafia or satin bows on the back of the banquet chair to tie or trip over — our bands are stretchy, flat and very comfortable.

For this wedding spotlight, we will feature photos of beautiful Personalized Chair Bands at Katherine’s bridal table …

Let me share the first email we got from Katherine:

Dear Right On The Walls,

Hi! I am getting married on December 15, 2012. I am interested in your personalized chair bands like the ones made for your first Wedding Spotlight couple.

I am a graphic designer, so I would like to provide the artwork for these. Could you please provide me with specifications so that I can provide you with a file?

I love these. I adore these. I am definitely going to purchase them. I would love to have a chair band for every member of our bridal party!

Thanks so much! I love your products.
Katherine S.

Personalized Wedding Chair Bands Create Quite A Stir

So we got right to work with Katherine! We made 25 chair bands for all the people in her wedding party.

And afterward, we were thrilled when she sent a second email containing photos from her wedding — along with some compliments that were music to our ears:

Hi Right On The Walls …

My fiance and I ordered over 20 chair bands to be used at our head table. Almost every guest I spoke with mentioned the chair bands and how unique they were.


Our wedding party loved them, too! Almost half of my bridesmaids posted pictures of their chair band on Facebook before they had even posted a picture of my husband and me!


The bands are a great way to designate special guests and to incorporate your theme into the seating without breaking your budget. Perhaps the best part is that the bands can be reused after the wedding. Our bridal party was so excited when we told them they could keep their band — and now they’ll never have to sit in a boring chair again!

No matter how much you stretch the band, the design WILL NOT crack. The quality of these chair bands is absolutely superb.


It was important for me to have my wedding be filled with unique details, and these bands were, by far, my favorite detail of them all. I would recommend them to any bride who is looking to wow their guests in an unexpected way! You won’t regret it! Right On The Walls is great to work with and ships super-fast, too!

:) Thanks again!
Katherine S.


And thank YOU, Katherine for being so much fun to work with and saying such nice things about our wedding line, Right Down The Aisle!

“The Personalized Chair Bands WERE A HUGE HIT!”

Personalized chair bands are the newest exciting trend in bridal accessories around — and you’re not going to find them offered in stores. Right On The Walls lets you have your colors, your names, your date printed on ultra-stretchy lyrcra spandex (available in White or Ivory) for a perfect fit on any chair back.

Do you want chair bands to match your invitations? No problem, we can do that! Want your chair bands to match other wedding themes or decor? That’s no problem, either. We’ll work with you to come up with a design — or if you’re a graphic designer like Katherine, you can even create your own!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer
A special word of thanks to Lucky Heart Photography for supplying the photographs.

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  • anna jackson

    hmmmm… very nice and adorable idea to give a different look to your party. I love the style of your arrangement…

  • kem s. john