Walter’s Wall of Fame: Personalized Family Wall Decal

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! Announcing Right On The Wall’s newest customer honor:

Wallter’s Wall of Fame

… where the coolest of our customers show off how they put nifty vinyl wall art (or other products) to good use by sending us their pictures and stories.

Today, I’m featuring one of our most popular selling decals, the Fancy Family Names. But Jerrimica put her own twist on the design & personalized it in her own way.

wall decal jerrimica custom artCongratulations to Jerrimica!

In her note to us, Jerrimica says, “When people enter our home, they automatically say, ‘Wow! I love your your wall!’”

Jerrimica is the very first recipient of my soon to be coveted “Walter’s Choice Award” for wall decal excellence.

‘We call ourselves “The Lovely Locks!” I chose the design because some of the lettering was lovely and some of it was normal like being locked! The names are the names of our family! The date was when my husband and I were married.”

— Jerrimica

Thank you so much, Jerrimica! Your interior decorator design skills are shining and we appreciate you taking time to share them with us … and everyone else.

So what do YOU think?

Do You Want to Join Jerrimica
send me YOUR picture and story?

In turn, I will REWARD you with $25 to spend at Right On The Walls — plus provide blog space to brag and display your creativity — and just be generally all-around AWESOME!

Will you be the next recipient of my new Wallter’s Choice Award?

It really is just that easy! Email me today!! :)

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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