Wall Decals: Create an Underwater Adventure — EASY!!

Back when I was a kid, my sisters and I used to play “ship” all summer long. Our back porch was our boat and the hula hoops that were hanging from hooks against the wall? Why, that was the helm where we steered the ship, of course!

But the BEST part was when we jumped off the steps into the “ocean” of the backyard — someone always yelled, “MAN OVERBOARD!”  And then we “swam” around with whales and dolphins and mermaids for hours. HOURS! (Our poor mother just stood by helplessly, shaking her head at her odd children in the yard.)

wall decals

Kids will be kids, right? We were always able to have fun somehow!

But that explains why I’m so excited about our new undersea-themed wall decal reproductions of watercolor murals painted exclusively for us by artist Lisa Zachs. OMG — so adorable!

wall decals

Hey look! A watercolor representation of my childhood! Thanks, Lisa! ;)

Undersea life has never been THIS charming. (Not even when I was swimming with the ocean creatures myself!)

wall decals

Here's another little cutie!

I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED my very own bedroom or playroom with an undersea wall decals mural on my wall. And you and your kids can, too!

Our sea turtle wall decals and the swimming boy decals are only a few of the fabulous undersea decals we have available for mix and match fun!!

  Your plain, ho-hum wall can go from dullsville… to the underwater adventure of a lifetime! Better yet? It will take little time and little effort on your part.

wall decals

#1. Okay... here's the blank wall you're starting with...

wall decals

#2. Apply ROTW undersea wall decal cuties -- it's quick, easy and they look like you've just spent hours and hours hand-painting! hah!

wall decals

Try painting an undersea background before applying decals for even more fun! How do you like my "artistic" sandy ocean floor?

Holy cow! It’s like summer vacation every time you walk in that room! (lol) Love it.

Check out all of our wall decals!

And don’t forget to send us your pictures of finished projects! We’re dying to see how you put wall decals to use!


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