Wall Decal: DIY Hallway Transformation Project!

I’m going to have you workin’ a little hallway magic today! This is the fun kind of project I just live for!

Let’s say you’ve got a random group of family photographs you’re not sure what to do with. How can vinyl wall decals from RightOnTheWalls.com help you come up with a creative way to make a cohesive photo collage?

Ooooh! I’ve got a fabulous answer to that question!  :)

From: Boring Hallway to WOW!
Turn your hallway into a glamorous pathway!
Check out all the super-cool shapes wall decals at RightOnTheWalls.com. For my wall, I used a sheet of black Stripes and a set of Rounded Rectangles.Of course you could also order Polka Dots or Squares for a similar, yet different, look on your wall. The idea is to use the open shapes as “frames” for your photos.
It is best to start from the center and work out from either side… starting with the Stripes. As you see from my hallway example, I put up 3 rows, but you can put up as many as you like. (I do recommend keeping this rule of design in mind, though: groupings in odd numbers look best.) Use easy-to-remove painter’s tape to hang or mark where you want the stripes to go.
Now cut apart the Rounded Rectangles from their sheet. Again, use your painters tape and tape them into the position you prefer.
By this point you’ve already decided which photos will go up on the wall — so you need to trim them to fit (leaving a small border) inside the “frame” of the open Rounded Rectangles.
You don’t need to put EVERY picture you find in the back of the drawer up on the wall!
Cut your Stripes just under the edge of the Rounded Rectangle, so there is a teensy bit of overlap. Now apply your vinyl stripes to the wall with your application tool. Lift up the rectangles and place your photos behind each one using two-sided removable tape or a little bit of painter’s tape again. Now you can apply the Rounded Rectangle “frames” to the wall over the photos.
TA-DAH! You have just created wall magic! You should feel proud of yourself! I know I feel proud of you!
Don’t forget to take before-during-after photos to send to us here at RightOnTheWalls! You could win a $100 Shopping Spree on our site!

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