Vinyl Decal LIST Extraordinaire — part 2


… my list of 20 plus awesome ways to put some PIZZAZZ into your home decor using Right On The Wall’s vinyl decals!

vinyl decals

Look closely at the name of this motorcycle gang! They needed a customized vinyl decal for their cycle-hauling trailer! They came to the right place.

<Heavy sigh>! Apparently there’s been some confusion about my last blog entry. Its title was Top 20 or so Ways to use our vinyl decals, but word leaked out (since nobody around here can keep a secret) and I was supposed to get the memo from Upper Management that said, “Tell the Blog audience about some UNIQUE WAYS to use vinyl decals!”

Never saw that memo. Oops. My bad.  ;)

New BLOG TITLE this time around: A Bunch of Unique Ways to Use Vinyl Decals

1. TRAILERS, BOATS, RVs, MOTOR HOMES. You might not think of these right away, but vinyl decals will personalize your grown-up toys just as easily as your home. See top photo.

2. PROFESSIONAL VEHICLES. Give professional vehicles the professional look — while getting ‘the word’ out there for even more business!

vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are easy to apply for easy readability!

3. PERSONAL VEHICLE FUN! Not just for business, vinyl decals can make your vehicle an original! Use a monogram, a photo, your own personal stamp of creativity! Never confuse your car with someone else’s in a parking lot again.

vinyl decals

I’m considering small vinyl decals of Costa Rican sloths to apply to my car now.


vinyl decals

“Stache?” Get it? LOL! Love this little container! Fill it with candy, change, hair pretties… makes a great stocking stuffer!


vinyl decals

Yummy! Just another idea for vinyl decals! These pig roast sauce labels were a big hit! And the sauce was pretty darned good, too!


vinyl decals

Now everything has its place! Ta-dah! Vinyl decals to the rescue!


vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are easier to apply, less expensive and easier to read than trying to paint (backwards?) on the windows of your business!

8. Stick-in-the-Ground SIGNS. Yes, we do a lot of these for weddings, but why not come up with your own uses? Any family gathering. A special event like the birth of a baby. Pointing out directions to out-of-town guests?

vinyl decals

We’ll personalize this sign using vinyl decals — let us know what you need us to put on it.

9. FURNITURE UP-CYCLING. (Chairs, desks, dressers…) Take any boring or worn-out piece of furniture and create an exciting, scene-stealing piece of art!

Silver & Purple geckos

How cool is that?! Vinyl geckos on a now-purple desk.

vinyl decals

10. CLOCKS. We have a huge selection of personalize-able (that’s not a word, is it?) vinyl wall clocks for you to choose from. Or go ahead and get those creative juices flowing and come up with something all your own!

vinyl decals

11. CRAFTS, CARDS, SCRAPBOOKS. (Check out our cool glass block kits)

vinyl decals

Fully customizable glass block kits come with mini lights that shine through the outside vinyl design — perfect holiday decor or even a delightful nightlight or wedding table centerpiece!

vinyl decals

Easy-to-remove hobby sheets are perfect for hobbies and crafts, card-making and scrapbooking!

Are you psyched up about using vinyl decals for just about ANY decorating need? Got some ideas you’re just dying to try? Let me know. Send me photos. You know the drill!  :)

Next time I’ll show you how I re-did a second-hand oven with vinyl decals that needed a new look to match the boss-lady’s other appliances in her woodland get-away cabin.



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