DIY Vinyl Decal Mustache Rain Boots

I ‘moustache’ you this: “Aren’t these DIY vinyl decal covered boots adorable?”

DIY vinyl decal-covered boots are so cute … and SUPER easy to make, all by yourself!

Mustache Boots

Rain Boots covered with vinyl decal mustaches! OMG, what could be better?

I want to show you another DIY vinyl decal project — completed by one of our very own creative Right On The Walls employees, Michele.

I asked Michele why she wanted decorated boots:

“Here is a picture of my “inspiration” pieces: RAIN BOOTS with funky patterns are everywhere! And I want a pair too — but they must be unique!!”

vinyl decal

“I’ve been seeing rain boots with fun patterns on them at nearly every store I go into … but I’ve also seen them with some price tags that could choke a horse, as my grandmother used to say!” Michele keeps us in stitches most of the day! :)

“Even famous people are wearing them out and about!” states Michele, as she pulls up this picture of Angelina Jolie wearing funky rain boots on her laptop. “See? I TOLD you!”

vinyl decalMichele continues her explanation … “But all I could find in my budget plan were a PLAIN yellow pair on sale at Target! But then I thought: MUSTACHES! Actually it took me a little while to settle on mustaches, but I did think of adding vinyl decals right away since I work here and everything. lol.”

Of course, ANY smaller vinyl decal will work … hearts, flowers, skulls, circles, fish, butterflies, lady bugs, frogs, paw prints, etc. at Right On The Walls we have SO many designs! If you can’t find exactly what you want on our website, contact one of our designers to create it for you. Or how about monogram initials? That would be fun, and very original!

So I got the step-by-step mustache vinyl decal application instructions straight from Michele, in her own words:

rubber rain boots1. First thing you do is make sure your “surface” is clean and dry. This is very important to make sure the vinyl decals stay stuck!

2. Then cut your vinyl decal designs apart and decide where you want ‘em. I just free-wheeled my placement, but you might want to plan out where each one goes ahead of time.

apply mustache wall decals3. Press the decal into place. Gently pull away the top layer of paper after you’ve made sure the vinyl decal has stuck evenly to the surface.

Moustache vinyl wall art

4. Smooth out any air bubbles, small edges or curves that didn’t quite adhere with your application tool.

5. Then just … keep adding the vinyl decals!

6. When you’re finished, be sure to have your handiwork inspected! :)

DIY mustache rain boots

Boots with Vinyl Decals DIY?
About 35 minutes from start to finish!

Thanks Michele for coming up with this great idea, providing me with instructions & pictures for this fun tutorial, and especially for giving me time to put my feet up!

Now, don’t you want to make unique vinyl decal rain boots for yourself? So when someone has envy in their eyes and asks where you bought them, you can say:

“Why, I made ‘em myself!!”

Our vinyl decals will adhere to your boots too! For best results, follow Michele’s application instructions above — and your boots will last for several seasons!! Make yourself a pair and share — I would love to feature your project too!

To purchase the mustaches we have used in this project, please check out Small Mustache Shapes on our website, where they are available at a reduced cost of $10 per sheet for a limited time.

I adore Michele’s boots — and you should see her sloshing around in the rain wearing her bright yellow slicker & new boots to work today — you can’t miss her!! :)

She has perfect timing too, as we are feeling the affects of Hurricane (err … Tropical Storm?) Sandy here in Pittsburgh with high winds, flooding, and several more days of heavy rain! We’re making cold, dreary & depressing rain FUN here at Right On The Walls!!!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer

Anywho… keep those emails coming! Next week I’ll be featuring several $25 winners who have sent in photos and stories with how they’ve used their Right On The Walls vinyl decal products. There’s still time to get your pictures in!! You could be one of the $25 winners too if you send in pictures now, please email me!


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  • Celeste McAllister

    LOVE this idea.. Never would have thought about doing something like this!. Thank you for the idea!

  • Roeshel

    Those are adorable! And it’s definitely a great week for them. Stay safe!

  • Jessica

    Was wondering where those mustache vinyl decals are as I don’t see them on your site.I WANT SOME!lol

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  • Sequoyah

    Hi , I can’t seem to find a cute pair of yellow rain boots … where did she get her’s from?

    • Walter

      Hi, the boots used were purchased at Target. :)

      • Sequoyah

        Hi again , are they still at Target? Online … or in the store even?

        • Walter

          If they aren’t in your local Target I would check target online. I’m sure they’re a seasonal item! :) Or you could probably find similar solid colored rain boots in many different stores.

          • Sequoyah

            Hi again lol how many mustaches did she use on each boot?

          • Walter

            I would suggest 2 sets for good mustache coverage on the boots. One set per boot! :) Once you get your boots done, I would love to see a picture!!! Have fun, it’s a great project & Michele gets a ton of compliments on her boots!

  • Sequoyah

    Sorry for so many questions i’m planning on making these. I have wanted some mustache rainboots for awhile and I also wanted some yellow rainboots so, hey yellow mustache rainboots, that’s 2 in one!

  • Beth Waller

    What happens when you take the stickers off? Do they damage the boots?

    • Walter

      Hi Beth,

      The vinyl material we use is removable & safe for application on walls and also on rubber boots! It will not damage rubber boots. Thanks! :)

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