Two Pittsburgh Icons Meet, We’re Invited + Giveaway!!

Tune in March 5th: Edgar Snyder Meets Pittsburgh Dad

If you’re from the ‘Burgh or have spent time here, then yinz know Edgar Snyder and Pittsburgh Dad! These two Pittsburgh icons are getting together for the first time on an upcoming episode of “No Fee TV” to discuss life in Pittsburgh and the impact of social media.

YOU can WIN an “Essential Yinzer” Prize Package

In honor of this fun event (which is sure to be an entertaining half hour on live tv), Edgar Snyder & Pittsburgh Dad have provided us the opportunity to give away an “Essential Yinzer” Pittsburgh prize package which includes the following:

• Pittsburgh Dad DVD
• Terrible Towel
• Edgar Snyder T-Shirt & Mug
• “N’@” bumper stickers and Pittsburgh goodies

What do Yinz Gotta do to Enter?
Just comment below in response to this question:

If you could ask Attorney Edgar Snyder or Pittsburgh Dad
ONE QUESTION, what would it be?

Your question just might be asked and answered on air!


About Edgar Snyder & Associates
With 30 years of TV advertising behind it, Edgar Snyder & Associates is known throughout the Pittsburgh area as the law firm that helps accident victims get their due. Snyder’s advertising slogan “There’s never a fee unless we get money for you”, where the firm only collects fees in the event of a legal victory, is well known in Pittsburgh. The firm has a large following on facebook and also on twitter (@edgarsnyder).


About Pittsburgh Dad
Pittsburgh Dad (aka Curt Wootton) is the hilarious YouTube series highlighting the exploits of a stereotypical “Pittsburgher.” Pittsburgh Dad was created by Pittsburgh area natives Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton. The series was started in 2011 and quickly gained a huge following appealing to both current and ex-Pittsburghers, many of whom relate to the character’s Pittsburghese and temperament. You can view Pittsburgh Dad videos on his YouTube Channel, enjoy his snarky remarks or stories on facebook and also on twitter (@Pittsbugh_Dad).

Pittsburgh Dad & Edgar Snyder Together …
I can’t WAIT to see this!!

Right On The Walls “boss lady” Bunny has been invited to the set at our local Pittsburgh NBC station WPXI as the two icons meet, and answer questions from callers and social media outlets (#NoFeeTv). We love social media and are looking forward to hearing what these two successful men have to say. I’ll be sure to quiz the “boss lady” after the show and have her share the details of this experience!!

The episode will air live on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (PCNC) on Tuesday, March 5th at 7:30pm and re-airs on Saturday, March 9th at 12:30pm on PCNC. Please mark your calendar and plan to tune in! (If you live outside our local Pittsburgh area, don’t worry! You can still watch the video after the show airs on the Edgar Snyder & Associates YouTube channel.)

“No Fee TV” is an interactive show that lets viewers get free legal counsel concerning personal injury, workers’ compensation, etc. with a phone call. If you’ve got a legal question, this is the show for you!

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If you could ask Attorney Edgar Snyder or Pittsburgh Dad
ONE QUESTION, what would it be?

Your comment below is REQUIRED to be entered to win the “Essential Yinzer” prize package.

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer

The winner of this “Essential Yinzer” package will be selected at random and notified by 4pm on March 5 before the live show. Your prize will be shipped within 2 weeks. Contest is open to all US residents!!


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  • Colleen Schilinski

    Steeler’s in the superbowl this year???

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    How do you handle the growing concern for businesses over trademark infringement with social media like Facebook?

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    Who is the all time best Steeler?

  • Bob

    I had an accident while entering my gym last week. I slipped on a floor mat while attempting to dry off my shoes. The mat was sitting on top of a very greasy floor and shot out from under me and I landed hard enough on the ground to have black bruising on the side of my body from my hands, back, hips and believe I fractured toes. I filled out the accident report, a guy behind the counter quickly mopped up the floor and put up signs and when I asked who would be responsible for the charges should I go to the ER to get checked out, I was told by the HR Dept that it would be my insurance. That didn’t seem right to me, but I didn’t want to pay the $50 ER copay for what I felt was their negligence. When I joined the gym, I signed a contract that states that if I get injured using the ‘equipment’ then it is on me, but entering a gym and falling because of poor floor cleanliness was not on there. My question is, would I be responsible for any payments if I were to go to the ER or any other doctor’s offices, as my toes still seem to be fractured. All else is just tender now. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Scears

    Pittsburgh Dad, are you planning on sueing Tom for emotional and mental damages as a result if being exposed to Ravens propaganda?

  • Bob Scears

    Pittsburgh Dad,
    As a result of the daily child care of your neighbor’s child Jeffy, are you planning to seek any type of child support or financial restitution from his parents? If so, will you be seeking additional compensation for the consumption of additional Lemon-Blend, Lil’ Hugs and half drank cans of basement pop?

  • Marian Davis

    Pittsburgh Dad,
    Clarks or Rusted Root? Think carefully cause you’re either gonna piss off some blue collar guys or a bunch of hippies…

  • Brenda

    Edgar Snyder
    How did you come up with your catch phrase? Where There’s Never a Fee Unless We Get Money For You!

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    Pittsburgh Dad- What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland? :)

  • Jessica

    Ask Pittsburgh Dad to ask Edgar how he can legally get rid of his stupid Ravens fan neighbor.

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    We have randomly selected #5. The winner is Jennifer Scears. Thank you everyone for participating!! :)