How to Install Vinyl Wall Decals – A Two-Color Installation Guide

They are waaaay easy to put on your wall!

Hello, everybody!

So, welcome back to real life — post holidays!
(I’m still trying to recuperate from too much fruit cake and eggnog, if you know what I mean!)

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I’ve got a good one for you from RIGHT ON THE WALLS: create a NEW LOOK for an ‘old’ wall space without spending a lot of money!

That’s right, go to for gorgeous, yet inexpensive, wall decals… plus a whole lot of other cool stuff, too!

Maybe you’ll decide to go with a Multi-COLOR decal. Well, let’s talk about those for a minute! This butterfly decal has TWO colors:

Your new wall design arrives on 2 separate sheets;
each color has its own page. Simply cut apart.

No problem. :)

Once you’ve got your vinyl decal in its 2-color two pieces, you are ready to make wall magic!

The installation process is the same as the regular, one-color vinyl decal (Have you read my previous blog about this? Click here to read it first.) — except you do it twice, with the second color on top of the first!

Apply the first/bottom layer of your wall decal first.
The top layer is the “detail” of the decal.
Line up the vinyl carefully! Once vinyl touches vinyl, they are together forever!
(If you ever want to remove this design from your wall, the 2 colors will come off your wall stuck together still.)
Hmm, how does that look?
Yep, I’m checking yet again!
This is good, right where I want the outline of the butterfly to go over top the main body color…
Now I’m ready to apply the second color — over top of the first — carefully!
Slowly now, no rush. Be sure to eliminate any air bubbles.
The final product! Stunning effect.

Okay! Any questions? Comments? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

And now maybe I’ll go have another little bite of that fruit cake!


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