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Wowee, do we here at Right On The Walls ever like happy (and repeat) customers!


Originally, Dale worked with our designers to come up with the perfect vinyl car window logo to advertise his business everywhere he goes! This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get the word spread near and far.


More signage for Dale, this is an 18″ x 24″ yard sign. Custom-vinyl yard signs from Right On The Walls make sense for his painting and pressure washing business.


A few months later, Dale had purchased a blank white utility trailer. We quickly got to work and created decals that would match well with his truck vinyl. He’s gotta look professional driving down the road, while still getting the message across!

Right On The Walls vinyl signage will give you a professional look and will last for years to come.

Trade-Show-DisplayLast month, Dale told us he was setting up at a local trade show and needed some snazzy-looking — yet still totally full of vital business information — signs to hang at his booth. Again, he worked with one of our designers who put the graphics together.

Trade-Show-BannerWe got right to work. Here’s a shot of Dale’s trade show information coming off our state-of-the-art printer. Hmm, too bad he lives too far away to do painting and pressure-washing at my place! His before and after pictures are amazing!

Trade-Show-BackdropAll ready to go. Dale sent us a photo of his booth signage all set up at the trade show, he said he received many compliments on the backdrop design from other vendors as well! (We love hearing that!!! Thanks Dale!) :)

Dale, sent us this testimonial that is so awesome we felt we should share …

“I have used Right On The Walls for many business and personal items, and will continue to do so. It’s just too easy to be creative and get the end result I am looking for. Thank you so much for everything!”

Your friend, Dale

What can Right On The Walls do for your business? Check out some business decal ideas on our website. Or, email a designer for help with your ideas; custom signage and banners are a fantastic way to promote your business — no matter what it is! We want to help your business grow, let us know what we can do to help.

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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