2013 Wedding Trends – Top 10 Unique Ideas

Wondering what’s new and exciting for weddings this year?
I’ve got the scoop!

I love love love seeing all the ways wedding styles evolve each season! And I love being a part of each bride’s vision — and being able to help bring that vision to life!

Here is my list of Top 10 Trends here at Right Down The Aisle this wedding season.

As you take a look through this list, maybe you’ll get inspired to try one (or some … or even all!) of these ideas yourself. Or maybe they’ll just send you a different direction — it’s all good.

10. Vintage
Vintage-themed weddings are going strong!

vintage wedding pictureA soft antique theme to decorations looks lovely, especially if you’ve chosen a pretty feminine and lacy dress! Thanks to the world wide web, ideas are being shared faster than ever before. But look this year for other past eras to influence the look and themes of weddings. Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio, there may be a definite upswing in interest of the 1920′s Great Gatsby era!

9. Over the RAINBOW
Of course, you don’t want to limit yourself to just ONE color in your theme, when you can totally have ‘em all!

I saw a gorgeous wedding party photo on Pinterest (yes, I’m addicted too!) where each bridesmaid wore a different bold-colored pair of heels. So cool!

rainbow-wedding11Maybe your bridal party will wear dresses in all the colors of the rainbow — each bridesmaid in a different hue.

rainbow-wedding3Or have you seen this Disney themed wedding photo? Thoughts?

disney wedding8. Dance Floor Decals
Quickly becoming a “must-have” decorating accessory! Our dance floor decals can be ANY design you like (Check the array of cool ready-made or customizable decals we have on our website) — to go with any theme you’ve got in mind!

floor decalThese amazing decals go down easily, look fabulous in all the photography … and come up quickly, easily and with no residue left after cleanup time is done!

Aww! That is so sweet! *sniff* sniff*We have a large assortment of dance floor decals that can be personalized and customized to match your theme.

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7. Personalized Aisle Runner
You don’t have to be in the Kardashian family to have one for yourself!

Here they come! Sighhhhh. I always cry at weddings, I tell you!

You may have seen elegant personalized aisle runners in some celebrity nuptials, and our wedding division, Right Down The Aisle offers our gorgeous personalized version — at a fraction of the cost! Your matching monogram can be printed near the end where you take your vows — to give wedding photos such a personal look!

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6. Personalized Decorations
Any table centerpiece, any vinyl wall decal, any favors (say … CANDY BARS — yum!) can be decorated with vinyl monograms.

Again, Right Down The Aisle coordinates your decorations to make your overall theme come together.

Soda-Bar-Wall-Decal-LogoAdd your logo to the bar area. It’s easy to apply and remove when the festivities are over!

Prom-Bag-Logo-StickersAdd personalized stickers to gift bags, or we can make smaller decals for favors, water bottle labels, wine labels — you name it!

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5. Photo Booths & Backdrops
I was just at a wedding with a photo booth available for guests — and it was a blast! Everybody loved making faces — young or old — and the souvenir photos are absolutely priceless. (Mine are on my fridge, of course!)

While we don’t have the photo booths here, Right Down The Aisle can create a customized, personalized photo booth BACKDROP just for you! (We can use your “wedding logo” or “monogram” just like the backdrops you see on the red carpet!)

4. Brides with COLOR!
Nope, you don’t have to choose ONLY between white or ivory! Not Anymore!!!

258182991107749636_3SAAkVcp_cLots of designers have added color to their line of wedding dresses. Sometimes it’s a small touch of color on a bow or sash or hemline … but there are also more options of full color gowns! The important thing: it’s your choice!

(And don’t forget that we’ll will be able to closely match or coordinate with any color or style you like best!)

3. Printed Chair Bands
Here’s the most fun wedding accessory EVER! — and one you won’t find any other place, for sure! Personalized printed chair bands!

Especially awesome for the wedding party’s chairs at the head table, Right Down The Aisle chair bands are printed with any design or theme — just like all of our accessories.

chair band personalizedOne of our favorite creative customers decided to put her bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s FACES on chair bands for their head table seats! Absolutely charming.

>>Shop our selection of Personalized Chair Bands

Chair-Sash-Robertson2. Custom Monogram
When you have your very own special wedding monogram or “logo”, using it as an overall decor theme is so elegant!

blue-runnerRight Down The Aisle can coordinate printed monogrammed table linens to match monogrammed aisle runner…  to match chair bands… to match wall and window vinyl decals — to the big monogrammed dance floor decall! All in your wedding colors! Ooooh, it is so snazzy to see!  :)

Runner-MonogramWe have a wide array of wedding logos to choose from on our website. All of our logos are personalized with your names, date and wedding colors. Whether you choose a design from our website or send us your own … all of our wedding accessories can be printed to match!

But, by far, the BEST trend of the year 2013:

1. Your Day, Your Way!
Customization, personalization — this is the biggest-growing trend in the wedding industry, as well it should be! Couples like it when their friends and family can say after the big day, “The whole wedding was so THEM!”

It’s YOUR day … have it YOUR way!
Wait … why am I suddenly hungry for Burger King? lol

Of course you want to make your wedding one-of-a-kind too, right? Our wedding division, Right Down The Aisle designers can help you do that by creating unique wedding decor with your names, your dates, your designs, your themes, your colors — whatever your heart desires! Contact us today and we’ll get started on your project!

What’s your favorite of the trends? Let me know — I love hearing from you!

Talk to you soon!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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