Thank You for Another Great Year!

I would like to reflect on the year 2012 … and look ahead to 2013!

First, we owe a huge THANK YOU, to YOU! Because, of course, we here at Right On The Walls couldn’t be here doing what we love without you!

I was at our Christmas party the other night, talking to the Boss Lady about all the fabulous events of the past year …

Christmas party hilarity!

“You know, Walter,” she said, “expanding and moving this business to the new office space on the South Side in Pittsburgh has made this year the best ever for Right On The Walls!

I nodded in agreement as I stuffed Buffalo Chicken dip in my mouth.

“I remember back when I started this business all by myself,” she continued. “In 2007, I just had everything tucked into a dinky 6′x9′ extra bedroom in my house!”

Just getting started in the extra bedroom!

“By 2009 we had already expanded so much that we had to build an addition on our house! It started to get a little crazy then, equipment taking over half the living room, the basement and the garage!” she laughed.

“And now! Look at this place!” I exclaimed, gesturing around us. “Thanks to all of our FABULOUS CUSTOMERS we were able to grow into this 1000 square foot production shop, with another 1000 sq ft. of storage and office area!”

The year 2012 marked our 5 year anniversary.

Right On The Walls’ new digs 2012

Christmasy lobby of our building!


The Boss Lady and I looked around and admired the new machinery (very shiny!), thought about the expanding wedding product line, and smiled at the new staff members who wouldn’t be here if this year hadn’t been as momentous as it was!

And there’s lots more to come in the exciting year ahead! We’ve got plenty of great ideas brewing!

HAPPY NEW YEAR — and a big Thank You — to all of you, our awesome customers, who have supported us and helped make this dream a reality. Talk about exhilarating! Your continued support will allow us to grow even more, offer more products and hire new team members — which will let us serve you better! :)

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer



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