Walter’s Wall of Fame: Night At The Races Floor Decal

Right On The Walls is proud to support our local Pittsburgh community!

When St. Ursula Catholic School held its Night At The Races Fundraising Event a few months ago, we were pleased to donate graphic design services, table tent cards and a super cool floor decal for the event!

night at the races fundraising floor decal

Wow! This floor decal sure looks amazing! 

If you thought floor decals were only for weddings, you should think again! Let the designers here at Right On The Walls whip up something fabulous for your next party or event. Floor decals really make an IMPACT!

We really had a good turnout and the event was successful raising money for the school. We plan on doing this again next year and expect the attendance to grow. We really appreciate the help with all the design, printing and especially the floor decal — which was a BIG HIT!

— Lynda F., Event Organizer

We were glad to help, Lynda! Her event photos & email sure made our day.




We were also thrilled to see what they had to say in the school newsletter:

Night at the Races — What a Success!

A nice mix of parish and school families came together Saturday night to bet on the horses and support St. Ursula School! Everyone had a good time and left with a door prize and maybe a few dollars from a winning horse! If you weren’t there, you missed a great time and a lot of fun! Don’t miss it next year!

Thanks to all who attended and volunteered! We could not have done it without you! We are truly blessed with wonderful supportive families here at St. Ursula!! The event raised more than $4,000 for St. Ursula School.

Hooray! A great turnout for a great cause! Thank you for letting Right On The Walls be a part of it!

If YOU would like to be selected for Walter’s Wall of Fame, all you have to do is send in your photos of our decals on your wall, floor, wherever! Plus: you’ll get $25 to spend any way you choose on anything you like on our website!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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