Create a Personalized iPhone Case: Step by Step!

(You KNOW Right On The Walls is MORE than customized vinyl wall art, don’t you?)

It may just be the beginning of autumn, but I know plenty of people who are already thinking about Christmas and gift-giving. (I’m not doing anything quite yet, but I’m thinking already!)

So, for your gift giving consideration: the perfect personalized gift for nearly everyone on your list (at least everyone who has a cellphone): a protective PERSONALIZED PHONE CASE that you can have printed with just about ANYTHING! Family photos… monograms… artwork… favorite designs… whatever your brain comes up with. ;)

Best of all, Right On The Walls makes it super-easy! Here’s how …

personalized phone case

Visit our Personalized Phone Case page (shown above) to find the right kind of case. Which kind of phone do you have?  iPhone 4/4s? iPhone 3G/GS? BlackBerry Bold? Samsung Galaxy? (We’ll have iPhone 5 phone cases COMING SOON! Whoohoo!)

personalized phone case

See the Create Now button I’ve circled in red above? Click on that to open up the super cool and easy-to-use create-your-own personalized phone case application!

personalized phone case

Want to add your own photo(s) to your case? UPLOAD your PHOTOS by clicking on that “upload” button circled above. You can pull a bunch of your own photos into that box on the right. Then, get ready to start being creative!!

personalized phone case

Along the bottom of the application screen, you’ll notice a collection of templates we have to get you started. Browse through them all to find the one that’s just perfect for your personalized phone case creation.

personalized phone case

Want to change up your photo? That’s easy too! Just click on the photo you want to edit and the little box pops up. Easily adjust the size of your photo, and rotate it. Even select from full color, sepia or black and white.

When you have your phone case looking just how you want it, hit the orange ADD TO CART button in the top right corner and proceed to checkout!

We’ll ship your brand spankin’ new personalized phone case (the one you created) in about 3 business days!! What gift is better than one fully personalized and created by you, for someone special in your life? I can’t think of any!! :)

Start creating a Personalized Phone Case right now!!

Below are a few personalized phone case ideas I worked on using our cool do-it-yourself application …

personalized phone case

personalized phone case

personalized phone case

When you create your own personalized phone case, stop back and drop me a line … or even better send me a picture and I’ll share it with our readers too!!

Talk to you guys soon,

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer

P.S. Don’t forget about the free shipping offer in the US on orders over $45! Use discount code 45SHIPFREE until October 12th!!


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