Personalized Wedding Table Runners: Now offered in 19 colors!

I have been buried beneath Personalized Table Runners for quite a few days now!!!

It’s Been A Whirlwind of Activity Around Our Shop! This year we’ve decided to show off some of our amazing wedding products at various Bridal Shows and create a wedding exclusive line called Right Down The Aisle!

I’ve been working hard to put together a fancy-schmancy table runner display that we’ll take on the road. This is not an easy task, we now have 19 different colors available and I had to think of a creative (yet lightweight) way to display them all.

This is what I’ve come up with:



While I was spending many hours perfecting this display and printing sample table runners … I thought I should take pictures along the way — just in case you can’t be there to see all of these amazing runners in person!

Like I mentioned — we now have 19 colors! And a fantastic group of designs that can be personalized with your names & date … and customized with your own wedding colors.

Color Selection of Satin Bridal Table Runners

Now, I took pictures one-by-one as I made the table runners to give you a close up view of the quality and color of each …


As a PITTSBURGH sports fan, I gotta say this YELLOW table runner really rocks! What a beautiful color for a spring wedding!!


Now it should come as no surprise that we here at Right On The Walls have a particular attachment to this beautiful FUCHSIA table runner!! lol


Our WHITE satin table runners can be imprinted in any color &
always look amazing against any color tablecloth.

table runner turquoise bridal

Above, we have a TURQUOISE table runner … it’s actually a beautiful color, but the lighting in our shop does not do it justice. If you’d like an actual sample, please contact me!

Tea Green

Our TEA GREEN table runner … Beautiful!

wedding silver table runner

If you have a metallic theme, our SILVER table runner is stunning with black and red!

Sage table runner

Green SAGE table runner shown above.

Red satin table runner

This RED table runner is bright, bold and the color is radiant!

Pink wedding table runner

This PINK table runner is printed with our Simple Monogram design.

Lavender satin table runner

This picture makes our LAVENDER table runner appear darker than it really is, please contact me for a sample.


A bright ORANGE vibrant table runner!

peach table runner

Myself, I was never much of a fan of PEACH,
but I have to say “We Make Peach Look Good!”

Ivory satin table runner

This, above, is our IVORY satin table runner.

Dusty Rose satin table runner

I’m picturing this DUSTY ROSE table runner in a beautiful winter wedding wonderland!

Gold table runner

A GOLD table runner printed with our Fall Leaves design.

Caribbean table runner

This CARIBBEAN colored table runner was also a victim of our lighting. It’s a very vibrant blue and best viewed in an actual color sample.

Copper table runner

Our COPPER table runner looks amazing printed in dark ink colors.

beige satin table runner

A pretty BEIGE table runner with a custom travel theme design we
made for one of our customers. Beautiful, eh?

Baby Blue table runner

This BABY BLUE Table Runner is a popular color.

Shop our amazing selection of Personalized Table Runners, we have 19 different satin colors to choose from!

Isn’t this selection of themes, designs and colors amazing? We are so excited about our Right Down The Aisle wedding division!

Next weekend, Sunday, February 17th some of our staff will be in Franklin, PA for a small bridal show & cake dive (doesn’t that sound fun?). Stay tuned for pictures! If you live near Franklin we’d love to meet you – please stop by to say hi!

And remember, if you have questions … or suggestions of products or topics you’d like to see me discuss here on the blog, please send me an email!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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