NOT A SEAT – don’t even think about it!

It’s time again for our wall decal MYSTERY ORDER OF THE WEEK. And we want to share it with you!

wall decalLast time it was Bananas for Bath Time...

Here’s another customer designed wall decal order that had us scratching our heads just a little bit because of all the possibilities of what “IT” might be if it isn’t a seat.

Our imaginations really started ratcheting up … what could it be?

wall decal

It's NOT, really truly, a place for you to sit down! Don't even think about it!

Tell us, who do you think has been sitting somewhere they shouldn’t be?

So, is this is YOUR order? If it is, please send me a picture of this wall decal on your wall, floor, door, or wherever you put it so we can see your new design in use! And maybe a brief explanation — but only if you want. I don’t want to pry. (Wait, who am I kidding? We are curious…)

And in return we’ll send you a gift certificate to use towards your next order.

The thing is, we love seeing everybody’s pictures. We are inspired by the creativity of our customers and it gives us such a good feeling inside to see something we’ve worked on here at our shop as a finished product on someone’s wall! And each time we see a custom vinyl wall decal displayed, it drives us to come up with even more new ideas!

And stay tuned for even more Mystery Orders coming your way soon!


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