DIY Nail Polish Party Treats

So, here’s what happened: one day I was browsing around on PINTEREST (can’t tear myself away sometimes!) and came across these super-cool nail polish party treats. They immediately made me think of Logan, an aspiring make-up artist who is part of our staff!

Now I know these treats have zero to do with wall decals … but, I figure some of you might enjoy a quick tutorial for such a unique, eye-catching treat!

I wanted to know how to make these so everyone could celebrate Logan’s recent success at Cosmetology school. But sadly, there were no instructions that I could find anywhere online. Is it a SECRET? A MYSTERY?

My brain loves a challenge — so, off to the cake store I went! :)

cake food coloring

First, gather all ingredients:

(5+) Food Color Spray
(1) Vanilla Icing
(1) Box of Toothpicks
(1) Bag of Large Marshmallows
(1) Bag of Small Tootsie Rolls
(1) Tray (preferably with lid)
Paper Plates
Aluminum Foil

I tried to choose a wide variety of food color sprays … the cake specialty store that I visited had about 20 different colors. It was so hard to choose!

tootsie rolls & marshmallows

Make sure you pick large marshmallows — and then you should probably double-check that they aren’t squished. I dug through the assortment of bags at the grocery store to find nice, plump marshmallows!

Dust off some of the powder covering on the outside of your marshmallows before spraying them to allow the food coloring to stick.

food color marshmallow

Food coloring in spray form can go wide and far! Because of this I suggest using aluminum foil or wax paper to protect your countertops first. We sprayed directly on throw away paper plates on top of wax paper, trying to further contain some of the over-spray.

Spray the food color with consistent pressure and move the plate in a circular motion to get nice full coverage on the marshmallows. Be sure to spray the sides and the top thoroughly.

colored marshmallowsSpray food color on the remaining marshmallows until you have sprayed the whole bag. We set the wet marshmallows on aluminum foil to dry. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

tootise roll

While you’re waiting for the marshmallows to dry, unwrap and shape your Tootsie Rolls. To shape them, rub back and forth in the palm of your clean hands to warm. Once they’re warmed up you can mold them and smooth out wrinkles so they appear more nail polish lid-like.

tootsie roll with toothpick

Insert a toothpick half-way into the Tootsie Roll and apply a small amount of vanilla icing to the bottom. The vanilla icing will help it stick to top of the marshmallow.

poke toothpick in marshmallow

Push toothpick into the center of the marshmallow. Lick fingers. Wash hands. (lol)

tootsie roll caps on marshmallow

TAH DA! One down — many more to go …

multi-color nail polish cake treats

What do you think?
Are you loving these snazzy nail polish party treats, or what? :)

diy favor beauty make-up

Voila, it’s a full tray of nail polish treats! They turned out so well that I could hardly WAIT to take them to Logan’s school to celebrate!

DIY party treats

I can’t stop staring at them! :)

adorable party favor beauty nail polish

Let’s take a close-up look … they sure DO look like nail polish!

A simple and easy treat!

beauty treats

Can you imagine how COOL I looked walking into a room full of cosmetology students with a tray of edible nail polish? Let’s just say they love me there! :)

Now it’s time to make your own. Be ready … because EVERYONE is going to ask you how you did it! Don’t forget to warn everyone there’s a toothpick in the lid before they take a bite! :)

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer

P.S. You can also make these treats by dipping the marshmallows in colored chocolate. We prefer this spray on food coloring method … it provides a richer color, is less sloppy looking and much quicker!! If you have other ideas on how to make these treats, please let me know! :)



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  • Esther Saenz Ruiz

    OMGoodness, Thank you so ooo much..I have also been researching how to make these and your method is genius…I was asked to make 100 of these for an inauguration of a beauty salon…you are God sent. I will post them at the end of the month on my cake fb.. . Will mention your blog. and give you credit for the idea..thx

    • Walter

      Thanks so much for commenting … can’t wait to see how they turned out!!! :)

  • Toni

    AWESOME!! thanks for your idea of the frosting spray .. the frosting cream seems a bit messy and time consuming … Hope mine turns out as fabulous as yours did!!

  • Jamie

    Does the color dye your mouth when eaten? Trying to make these for a party next week- hesitant about the spray color as I don’t want to send little girls jome with colorful mouths.

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