Wasn’t it Ethel Merman who sang, “There’s no business like MONKEY BUSINESS!” about our wall decals? (No? She sang something like that, though … I’m pretty sure.)

Right On The Walls has the most adorable monkey wall decals that let you turn any room into a jungle faster than Tarzan can call the animals together for a meeting!

The whole family will love hanging out in your new JUNGLE-THEME room!

Our monkey wall decals are customer favorites!

And no wonder… they really are just that cute! You will go hog-wild for them, too. (Oh, WAIT! That was TOTALLY the wrong animal pun!) I meant to say that you will go APE over them! :D

I’m such a punny guy …

Perfect in a nursery as shown, these 3 little guys rumble in a playroom jungle, too!

Our Three Little Monkeys wall decals hang playfully from the ceiling, bookshelf, picture frames or anything on your wall.

Or … what could possibly be more fun than a Monkey Tree wall decal?

I might be running out of monkey puns soon! (At least ones of the G-rated variety!)

You should consider giving your new monkey pals a whole jungle environment. It’s only right:

Background bamboo is a fabulous touch!

Or how about some tall grass decals for little monkey friends to play hide and seek in?

Can you hear the grass rustling? Does the lion sleep tonight?

Don’t monkey around … order some jungle-themed wall decals right now! :) But be careful not to slip on any banana peels left on the floor anywhere!

Wait … I almost forgot to mention our new hand-painted mural monkey wall decals and vines available on our Animal Wall Decals page!! Way too adorable to resist!


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