Michele Puts a “logo” on her Car and her Neck!

Right On The Walls vinyl decals have many many uses, as I’ve been telling you for awhile.

My buddy, Michele, decided she “needed” to put her own personal “stamp” (you’ll see in a minute why “stamp” is in quotes …) on her little yellow Mini Cooper!

Er, she says it’s yellow, but it sure looks lime green to me! What do you think? Help me end this debate!! lol


Michele’s car is already pretty snazzy to begin with …


Michele gathered her supplies. First she cleaned off the surface of her car and let it dry, of course. She’s got her Right On The Walls high-quality vinyl decal at the ready (lovingly made by one of our talented designers!) and she has a handy applicator tool, too.


So quick, easy and adorable to apply!

Right On The Walls vinyl decals are the best quality, professional grade vinyl — that means they go on smoothly and stay in place. Yet it also means they won’t mark the surface when they remove easily, as well!


Visit our website for complete application instructions. Of course, full-color easy installation directions are included with every order.

Piece of cake …


Ta-dah!  :)


Meow! Very nice.

So just WHY did Michele put this little vinyl kitty sticker on her car? Because in her state of cat-insanity, she’s adopted the little black cat as her personal logo. She even got it tattooed on the back of her neck!


The outline stage.


You always want your tattoo artist to concentrate. You can tell this guy is concentrating because he’s biting his tongue. (Really wonderful tattoo salon in Pittsburgh: Gypsy Tattoo Parlor. Super cool artists and a crazy-nice atmosphere!)


Now that is one sexy kitty tattoo! Whooo!
(Not exactly a “tramp stamp,” is it?)

Do you have a tattoo that would make great vinyl decal? Or maybe vice versa? We can make almost anything into a decal for your walls, windows, car, floor, and SO much more!! Contact one of our designers today!!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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