DIY Vinyl Wall Decal Tree Project … Easy & Beautiful!

Vinyl Wall Decals Make A Statement!

Our hallway at work was crying out for some serious DIY vinyl wall decal action! So I said to myself, “Self, why don’t we give this wall the Right On The Walls treatment?” So I gathered my minions together (all one of them) and we did!

boring wallHere is the blank hallway outside the door of the Right On The Walls offices. Not exactly inspiring, you think? It definitely needs “Wallter’s special vinyl decal touch!”

Apply Wall Decal TreeFirst of all, Christy and I decided to put up some tree branches. Doesn’t that look like bold strokes of a paint brush? But no… quick, easy (and easy-to-remove) vinyl wall decals! Wooo Hoo!

Tree Wall Decal DIY projectHere’s where the fun starts! We started adding leaves to the branches, plus an adorable surprise: a little fox sitting under the tree. And can you see the cute little squirrels frolicking among the branches looking for acorns? All made with vinyl wall decals.

Applying Tree Wall Decals to the WallEven MORE leaves … some blowing in the wind. But if you look closely you’ll also see a bird or two, butterflies, mushrooms and a friendly little snail decal making his way up the tree trunk! How fun is that!

vinyl wall decalsYou Too Can Create Amazing Wall Transformations with Vinyl Wall Decals

This is one of my favorite little touches: I added a squirrel sitting above our door. Can you see him above? He’s happily clutching a little acorn in his little paws! All together now: “Awwww!”

Right On The Walls Tree Wall Decal ApplicationA few more leaves and a few more butterflies later — and the hallway is so much more inviting! More friendly! And WAY way more fun! We’ve had lots of positive comments and compliments from our neighbors in the building.

vinyl wall decals

This project turned a boring wall into a work of art! And it didn’t take Christy and me very long to put it all together. (It actually took longer than it should have because we kept stopping, stepping back and admiring our work! Hee hee!)

You definitely would NOT need 2 people to create this look.
It’s real easy to do with just one person.

And you’ll have the look of a hand painted mural when you’re finished!

If you have found this DIY project inspiring … We have quite a selection of amazing trees and other vinyl wall decals to create your own mural & spruce up your boring walls in the office, nursery, kids room, classroom or any other blank space!

The hardest part? That will be deciding what vinyl wall decal you like best from all the designs at

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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