A Bridal Show Adventure with Right Down The Aisle

The Right Down The Aisle girls took a road trip last week! Could this be the beginning of bridal show world domination?

We packed up our bridal show paraphernalia, stuffed everybody in the car and hit the road — with our GPS destination set to The Commons in Franklin, PA.

stuffed in the carFranklin Bridal Show and Cake Dive

All of us at Right On The Walls wanted to introduce our wedding line Right Down The Aisle to brides across the land … and we wanted to do it face-to-face! We have several large bridal shows coming up and this smaller venue was the perfect way to learn the ins and outs!

Right Down The Aisle table setupWe arrived the night before and began setting up our display table. This rather unflattering photo shows Michele digging through boxes.

chair bands personalized for weddingsOne of the FIRST things we did was put our new Personalized Chair Bands out for all to see! Aren’t these adorable? They have been such a huge hit with so many of the brides and mothers of the bride too!

shetting up table

setting up table

Excited, and just a tiny bit anxious, we finished setting up our table before anyone arrived. The floor decal is looking snazzy … and how about that beautiful banner?

banner artworkIf you have any kind of business or special event coming up and need a banner (wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary, family reunion, etc.), we can help you out! You don’t have to be engaged, of course! (lol) Just contact one of our designers and they’ll help you create a perfect banner for your event.

Right Down The Aisle table setupOkay … we’re ready to meet and greet all the soon-to-be brides! The doors are opening any minute now!

franklin the commons eventHere comes the rush of brides-to-be with their moms, friends and even a few grooms-to-be.

brides at the showChatting with all the brides was really a lot of fun. We absolutely love showing off our line of bridal products — and most of the lovely women we talked with hadn’t seen all the unique customized products we offer.

The biggest hits of our display were probably the dance floor decal and the very affordable personalized chair bands. We heard lots of “oohs” and “ahhs!” over them.

It was fun to point out our dance floor decal applied in front of our table as each bride approached. The bright fuchsia paisley floor decal matched our table linens. And we sure LOVE using shades of pink on Right On The Walls and Right Down The Aisle products!

Right Down The Aisle Display TableStep right up and take a look at what Right Down The Aisle has to offer! Our table was filled with a portfolio book, samples of our designs, and all kinds of personalized items to make any wedding a one-of-a-kind extravaganza!

bridal show vendor foodSome bridal show vendors were handing out food samples that smelled absolutely delicious. Nom nom nom …

beautiful cake for diveDid someone say “CAKE DIVE?”

Yes, CAKE DIVE. One of the main attractions at the Franklin bridal show event was the Cake Dive. Six brides-to-be were chosen randomly and allowed to dig through this beautiful cake to find the winning ring. The cake dive champion received a prize package worth $1000 to spend on her wedding!

Get ready … get set … DIVE into that cake, ladies!

it's a cake diveLuckily, we had a front row seat for this fun event!

cake dive winnerCongratulations to the lucky cake dive winner, Jennifer Clark.

cake dive wrecked cakeIt was all over so fast! Afterward, there was nothing left but a big cake-y mess!

We have THREE more bridal shows coming up!

Right Down The Aisle 2013 Bridal Show Schedule:
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pgh — Sunday, March 24
CONSOL Energy Center, Pgh — Sunday, July 28
Monroeville Convention Center, Monroeville — Sunday, September 22

Join us if you can! But, of course If you’re not from the Pittsburgh area and can’t make it to one of the our bridal shows, NO PROBLEM! Just check out our personalized wedding products at RightDownTheAisle.com. We ship worldwide.

What a great day! A big thank you to all the brides we met in Franklin. We had such a fabulous time talking to you and hearing about your wedding plans.

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer



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