DIY Festive Acrylic Block Night Light

Hey guys! Walter here with:

Quick ‘n’ Easy DIY Project That’s Perfect for Holidays, Special Occasions and All-Around Awesome Anytime!

I call ‘em Acrylic Block Night Lights … but they’re really multi-purpose decorating accessories!

acrylic block

Gather up your supplies: clear acrylic block, small string of lights, Right On The Walls vinyl decal greeting or design, your choice of decorative “filler” to put in the acrylic block … and your creativity! (Plus scissors and your application tool)

Ready, Freddie?

acrylic block

See my previous “How-To” blog for the full, way easy vinyl decal application process.

acrylic block

ANY kind of message designed in vinyl works here:
Holiday theme, Baby Shower Gift, Birthday Present, Anniversaries …

After you apply the decal to the front of the acrylic block, decide what you’d like to use to fill inside of the block.

acrylic block

I was in ultra-festive spirits when I picked up my supplies for this project and thought that little flakes of that fake snow stuff would be the way to go for the holidays. But a word of caution:  Fake Flakes Fly Far and Wide!

They were EVERYWHERE, I tell you! Because of static electricity, I was finding flakes days later, stuck here and there.

You might want to use those little river rocks (you can find packages of them at craft stores) or colored glass marbles (also available at craft stores).

acrylic block

Next, I tucked a favorite family photo (in a simple frame) into the acrylic block … after which I added the string of lights. Much more than a night light, now this is a lighted picture frame with festive holiday style!

acrylic block

Awesome! (If I do say so myself! lol)

acrylic block

Turn out the lights to admire!  Ooooh! Ahhhh!

acrylic block

These are some of the Acrylic Block Lights we made last year around this time. They were unique and well-received gift ideas. And, of course, I kept a couple for decorating my own place again this year!

Pretty snazzy, eh?  :)  Right On The Walls sells acrylic block, strings of mini lights … and OF COURSE, vinyl decals so you can personalize and customize your block!

Don’t forget to send in your pictures of your completed DIY projects! We want to see what you’ve done with Right On The Walls stuff!

Have a great week — in this final push toward Christmas!

Happy happy holidays!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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