Easy Dorm Room Decorating With Vinyl Wall Decals!

Use vinyl wall decals to make your room one-of-a-kind!

Now that the big kids (er … adults?) are all moved in … it’s time to think about decorating the walls of their boring beige dorm room!!

I never heard of any college that let you paint a dorm room. And dorm rooms need love, too. In fact, they often need an extra lotta love — and some major creativity to make them less barracks-like and much more COZY!

vinyl wall decals

Vinyl wall decals go up quickly (so you have more time to ‘study!’) … and are customizable — your creativity being the only limit. You can turn your cubbyhole into a showcase! And the decals will easily remove at the end of the school year.

Vinyl Wall Decals are easy to put up, easy to take down — and one-of-a-kind! Right On The Walls puts you in charge of the interior decorating.  :)

vinyl wall decalsAdorn your dorm or house with Greek letters to show loyalty to your sisters (or brothers)!

vinyl wall decals

Shapes Wall Decals, or not-so-basic vinyl wall shape decals look hand-painted for unique decorator style — but go on the wall faster than you can open your pre-calc book …

vinyl wall decals

NEVER GIVE UP! That Winston Churchill sure was one inspiring guy! I’m sure this vinyl wall decal phrase will be helpful after a long night of partying, er … I mean studying at the LIBRARY.

Of course you can choose from one of hundreds of our pre-designed vinyl wall decals. But you could also create something brand new, completely original! It’s simple with the easy, CREATE YOUR OWN Creative Center on our website. (Or go ahead and send one of our designers an email.)

It’s all up to you!

vinyl wall decals

Go ahead, use it! This Creativity Definition Wall Decal is one of my favorites.

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Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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