Dog Grooming Salon Decorating Made Easy with Wall Art


Our latest Walter’s Choice Award goes to Lori who asked Right On The Walls to help her decorate in time for her open house. Time was tight, but the animal-loving crew at ROTW was up to the task!

dog wall decalsAs you can see in the photos that Lori so graciously provided to us, her color scheme is purple and … well, darker purple! (One of my favorite colors, for sure!)

To complement Lori’s delightful paint choice, Right On The Walls sent off bones — as well as black puppy and paw print silhouettes.

(You can find these decals and more our website. Lori ordered our dog silhouette wall decals and animal paw print vinyl wall art in black. But you can get them in any color you like!)

grooming salon wall artLori sent this note along with her pictures:

“I was in a rush for my open house and Right On The Walls went out of their way to help me out!

I love their products, so easy to work with! My grooming room came out amazing … these decals had a huge impact on our room. So easy!! And so amazing!

This wall art has an amazing impact for such little effort !

Everyone Loves it!!!

Aw, shucks, Lori — You’re welcome, we are so glad we could help make your open house a huge success by getting your order to you in time. You did an excellent job putting them up on your walls of the grooming salon!

dog salon grooming decor

Right On The Walls has a big selection of pet and animal-related vinyl wall decor — much of it customizable with your pet’s name, for example. And, of course, you always have a say in what size, color or font we make for you!

Our wall decals make it super easy to decorate your veterinarian office or hospital, or maybe you have a Dog Grooming Salon, or even if you want to provide some wall decor for your pets at home.

custom dog grooming toolsSo add some bow-WOW-wow to your walls today. (Did you see what I did there?) :)

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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