DIY Make a Monogram Wooden Tray with Vinyl Decals

I was taking a shower when it occurred to me … (I get a lot of my brilliant ideas while I’m in the shower), the wood tray that I bought at JoAnn Fabric store could be transformed into a one-of-a-kind gift with vinyl decals!

Sure, vinyl decals from Right On The Walls are awesome on walls but because they are so versatile and easy-to-apply, they are also fantastic for a bazillion OTHER kinds of projects, too!

For example, I want to give the wooden tray as a gift and there is nothing nicer and more personal than something handmade & customized with monogram vinyl decals.

Plain white BORING tray that needs … VINYL decals!

Whether you’re thinking of gift-giving for somebody else, want to spruce up your own holiday table with a unique centerpiece, or need a catch-all on the table near the door, this tray would be just the perfect thing.

Let me show you:

We supply a detailed, full-color instruction sheet with each order — so you know your DIY application will be simple as can be!

Installation is the same as when applying to any smooth surface. For a step-by-step guide, please check out one of my earlier posts with full Application Instructions.

For my wood tray, I decided to commemorate the upcoming nuptials of friends of mine in vinyl decals. I could give the tray as a wedding gift, or wait just a few weeks after their wedding and give it as a Christmas gift!

It was a quick and easy project.
I applied the vinyl decals and wedding date onto the tray.

Wow! I’m awfully proud of myself. I think this looks WAY snazzy.

Michele and Martin could put their tray on a table as a romantic centerpiece with candles … if I would have thought of this idea sooner, I know Michele would have had me make one as a centerpiece for every table at her wedding!

By the door, the tray becomes invaluable for key-keeping and phone-holding. In fact, I made this with one of the gals in the office last week for my blog & this is what happened by the end of the work day — everyone used it as a catch-all for their junk! :P

Now to create your own Monogram Wood Tray …

The materials I used were so simple:
(1) Craftologie Wood Paper Tray from JoAnn Fabric – $8.99
(1) 10″ wide Simple Monogram Vinyl Decal – $15.95

Total Cost: LESS THAN $25!!
Time: About 7 minutes
DIY Homemade – Priceless!

See? The perfect gift! And YOU can easily make one, too. If you do, please send me a photo of it. I’d love to see it!

You can order any of our products to fit your own creative vinyl decal project! If we don’t have the size of decal you need, please contact me and one of our designers will work with you to create just what you need!

This is the Simple Monogram vinyl decal design I used in this project, you can order it in various sizes on our website to be used on a dance floor, wall, or any smooth surface. (Such as a Craftologie Wood Paper Tray. lol!)

Another product I thought would look great on this tray is our new Fancy Monogram vinyl decal which is also available in different sizes to suite different needs.

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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