Kitchen Appliance Make-over — with Vinyl Decals!

How to Use Vinyl Decals to Make an Older Stove Look Like This Year’s Model!

When the Boss Lady comes to you and asks for a favor, nobody in their right mind says no! At least I don’t! (LOL) But I was glad to tackle a little do-it-yourself project for my boss because I always have so much fun making something new out of something old! Here’s what I did to “shine up” a kitchen stove for a cabin in the woods.

When the owner of Right On The Walls wants to get away from it all for the weekend, she heads 2 hours north where she has a wee-little lovely cabin hideaway!

The cabin has an adorable, yet small kitchen area, but there was no stove. And the shiny new refrigerator? That just got there. And you notice that it is BLACK and SILVER, right?

Cute little cabin kitchen

One day the Boss Lady (that has such a nice ring to it! I mean that with total respect, by the way) happened by a used appliance shop on the way home from work and was beside herself with joy — tickled PINK even! — when she found a small apartments size stove for only $60!

White, older model kitchen stove

This stove was in general good condition, but Boss Lady really thought it might look snazzier if it matched the new fridge in her cabin …

A wee bit of wear and tear… and general “oldness”

Plus, we wanted to cover up a few marks we found.

Vinyl decals and a little spray paint work miracles!

So I told her that a little spray paint made especially for metal exposed to high heat (yep, you can find it everywhere they sell spray paint) plus our handy-dandy, professional-looking custom vinyl decals will have this kitchen stove looking BRAND NEW!

So I got to work.

Spray painted stove trim pieces

Now our specialty: Right On The Walls VINYL DECALS! :)

Careful placement of “STOVE-LIKE” directional vinyl decals

These vinyl decals clearly mark which burner is which – I don’t want the Boss Lady turning on the wrong one!

All done!

When I was finished applying decals — which was a piece of cake, as always with ROTW vinyl decals — I stepped back and admired my work. Ahhh, sweet satisfaction! LOL!

Imagine how cute that old stove is going to look next to that brand new fridge! I bet you won’t even be able to tell it didn’t come as a set! :) Boss Lady was really happy with my work!

And now? Perhaps I will get a raise… ;)

You can create your own custom vinyl decals in our Creative Center (type your own text, clipart, monograms and more!). Or if you have a unique project in mind and need a little assistance, contact our design team who would be glad to help with DIY your own appliances, furniture, walls and more with vinyl decals!

Stop back again soon for more fun stuff!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer

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