DIY Holiday Dinner Place Setting — with Vinyl Decals

Each year for the holidays, my family gets together for a nice little Christmas dinner. We try to look nice. And we are all on our very best behavior! When we line up for the annual festive family photo session, we look a LOT like this:

vinyl decals

Ha! Ha! Ha! Right, sure. (Not so much.)

My mother assigns each of us some sort of dish to bring or task to perform for the holiday event. In the past I’ve been in charge of jello salad. But because I seem to have trouble getting my jello to solidify (and the jokes were rampant when the whole family had to drink my dessert), my mother decided this year to play more to my strengths by putting me in charge of decorating the table!

As I was browsing through WalMart recently, I came across a large holiday display of lightweight, inexpensive tableware. I saw bright multi-color chargers for sale at just 96 cents each — and I was struck with a brilliant idea.

vinyl decalsI could EASILY turn these budget-friendly chargers into …
Personalized Family Dinnerware
using Right On The Walls vinyl decals!

vinyl decals

I got pretty jazzed up when I saw how well the charger turned out! I used the design from our Snowflake Greetings wall decal to apply personalized vinyl decals around the edge of the charger.

vinyl decalsThen I found some plain “goblets” at a local grocery store (Just $1.50 each!) and of course I’m going to personalize those, too.

To Personalize Your Own Cups or Goblets: Use 1 1/2″ or 2″ high letters to type into the text box of our easy-to-use, interactive web tool on the Right On The Walls website. Our user-friendly Creative Center allows you to type in names of guests or your own special personalized holiday message! (Choose from many different lettering styles so your design can be more fancy … or more casual — depending on the font you pick out.)
>>Visit Our Creative Center to Create Your Own Vinyl Decals!

CHECK IT OUT, the whole look:

vinyl decalsI think my family will be pleased.

Because our easy-on/easy-off vinyl decals are removable, you can always remove them to change up the message for next year. Whoohoo!

Give this festive idea a try … then send me a photo of the results! I love to see how our customers put our vinyl decals to use.


Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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