10 Reasons to LOVE Wall Decals

Deck The WALLS … Fa La La La Laaa!
Deck the walls with… what? You say that’s the wrong lyric?

Oh no, not here at Right On The Walls, it isn’t!
Fa La La La La!

In fact, I’ve got a list of 10 Reasons to Decorate with Wall Decals

1. PERSONALIZE. Right On The Walls lets you use your full creative genius to customize your decals in our one-of-a-kind Creative Center.
“I love RightOnTheWalls.Com”
2. REMOVE. our decals won’t ruin your walls when you need to remove them – so they’re completely interior safe!
3. TRANSFORM. With decals, you can change the atmosphere of your room instantly! What an impact in only a matter of minutes!
4. EASY EASY EASY to apply! No glue, no water, no brushes. No special skills or tools needed with foolproof paintless wall decals! Everything you need is included with your package.
5. CUSTOMIZE. Order any size you need. Customization is our specialty. We’ll make a decal to fit your unique wall space!
6. REVIVE. Re-purpose and liven up old furniture! Use one decal (or several!) and apply it to a dresser, mirror, or appliance for an instant facelift! Isn’t that the coolest idea ever? (I’d like to take credit for that fab idea, but one of the designers did that on a hand-me-down baby dresser. OMG, it was cutest little ladybug-covered thing I’ve ever seen!)
These wall decals looked adorable on a dresser

7. SAFE. Our decals are totally safe for expecting mothers, babies and small children! Unlike primer and paints, wall decals give off zero harmful fumes, keeping you and your children safe.

8. ECO-FRIENDLY.Our products are manufactured with environmentally friendly technology.

9. COST. Decals are inexpensive – you can purchase many or change them often without worrying about going broke!
10. ADDICTIVE. They are just plain cool. Our wall decals are irresistible!
See? I told you I had a good list! :)
Now, I’m off to finish up the last of my Christmas shopping.
I wish all of you — and all of your friends and families — a warm and wonderful holiday!
Much love,

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  • Jeff King

    Wall Decals really sound like the way to go, no mess, no fuss. Any time you can rearrange a design without having to clean up after yourself is OK by me.

  • Tracy

    Loving the designs you have!