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Back in January I mentioned that my cousin Lynnie was planning her daughter Reyd’s wedding. The big social event of the season was last weekend — and it was beautiful! It brought a tear to my eye … and NOT just because there were snazzy personalized wedding decorations created by our wedding division called Right Down The Aisle.

Reyd & Phil: such an adorable couple!Reyd & Phil: such an adorable couple!

Lynn and Reyd created most of the decorations themselves. (Grandma Weezie helped, too!) There were glass vases with floating floral arrangements, votive candles and gently glowing “fairy berries” on each table — all lovingly crafted in soft purples and pink.

But no reception is complete without a dance floor decal! In fact, part of my wedding gift to Reyd & Phil was my expertise in putting their vinyl decal onto the floor. (I took my buddy Michele with me to install it during the rehearsal dinner the night before.)

Customized dance floor decal in the bride's colors -- so perfect!Customized dance floor decals printed in the bride’s colors — so perfect!

I started getting all misty-eyed while Michele and I put this down. Right Down The Aisle now has a huge line of personalized dance floor decals available … our design team has been working hard! :) If you or someone you know is getting married this year, our dance floor decals are the new “must have” accessory! They really make your photos pop (as you’ll see in Reyd & Phil’s pictures below)!

Floor-Decal-WeddingPerfect placement: right in the center of the floor, right in the center of the room, directly in front of the wedding party’s table!

But then — when the bride danced with her father — I could barely contain myself from sniffling loudly. I don’t care that I may have embarassed Michele.  (And… doesn’t the dance floor decal look FAB-U-LOUS in the background?)

Aww! That is so sweet! *sniff* sniff*Awww! This pic is so sweet! *sniff* *sniff*

Let Happily Ever After Begin with a Dance Floor Decal from Right Down The Aisle!

There were more personalized wedding decorations to add personal touches: wedding wall decals in the same style as the dance floor decal, of course!

Vinyl wedding wall decals applied to the entry door to the reception. So easy to apply...Vinyl wedding wall decals applied to the entry door to the reception.
So easy to apply…

Wedding wall decals welcomed the guests to the festivities!

The cake was delicious and the personalized wall decal really added to the decor!The cake was delicious and the personalized wall decal really added to the decor!

Reyd and Phil “posed” for the cameras in front of the cake table — and the accompanying wall decal — when they cut the cake. Having names and dates in all the pictures makes for popular family albums!

Open wide! (They were nice to each other -- no smearing of cake everywhere! lol)Open wide! (They were nice to each other — no smearing of cake everywhere! lol)

Reyd and Phil really are cute together! Reyd and Phil really are cute together!

Where’s that Dance Floor Decal? Let the dancing commence!

Shake your groove thang!Shake your groove thang!

Like Reyd & Phil, you too can personalize, customize, and color-coordinate using Right On the Walls’ wedding decorations for your special event!

There’s LOTS more to see at Right Down The Aisle. We can custom print aisle runners, table runners, chair bands … as well as any design or motif in vinyl for doors, windows or even saying “Just Married” on the getaway car’s back window!

Our products are made & sent out every week to couples planning their big day! We’re always on the lookout for Wedding Spotlight Couples … If YOU would like to be featured next, please contact me with details about your event and pictures!

Aside from bragging rights, we offer a gift certificate for FREE products too!

No, this photo booth-style picture doesn't really have anything to do with but aren't these pics of Michele and bride's mother hilarious!?No, this photo booth-style picture doesn’t really have anything to do with wedding decorations, but aren’t these pics of Michele and the bride’s mother hilarious!?

Now it’s your turn! Get in touch with me and we’ll have a blast working with you to give your wedding, party or get-together that special unique-to-you look!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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