Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse — A Crafty Person’s Nirvana

— Let’s Take Our First Field Trip —
I want to share with you some of the places in my hometown where I find creative inspiration. Come along with me on our very first blog outing to discover amazing treasure among some peoples trash at Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

Coordinated by the great folks at the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project (working to keep the region’s food banks stocked), the Boss Lady and I hung out with some social media blog writers called the BlogMob a week or so ago. We took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse non-profit — and now my DIY juices are flowing and ideas are a-poppin’ to be put on the blog!

creative reuse

Welcome, you are about to be inspired!

The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse (PCCR) promotes resource conservation, creativity, and community engagement through material reuse. In other words, people donate weird, wonderful and occasionally wacky “stuff” for all kinds of art and crafts or DIY projects — just the sort of thing many of our Right On The Walls creative customers could get really fired up about.

creative reuse

Step through the front door to an inspiring creative atmosphere. Get acclimated to the vast amount and variety of materials, and notice a method to the madness — controlled chaos. Wander through the boxes and bins, all meticulously marked. Visions of projects began to dance in your head …

creative reuseAt PCCR, you have found the creative motherload!

creative reusePatterns, sample books, wallpaper, sewing notions, yarns of assorted textures … even a dressmaker’s dummy!

creative reuseYou might find yourself in a sticky situation at this corner of the room with all the glue … lol!

creative reuse

Now what kind of crafty project can you come up with using Annie? I’m seeing possibly a Halloween prop. Who remembers learning CPR with Resusci Annie? At PCCR she comes fully complete in FAB track suit & suitcase for $65!

creative reuseA card catalog! My heart skipped a beat … but it was not for sale. :( Of course PCCR  needs it for keeping everything tidy.

creative reuseYou could spend hours just digging through each of the teeny and tiny bargain-filled drawers here! The items are so intriguing & random! But let’s keep moving. Darn it …

creative reuseOoooooh! Any tile, any size — only 10 cents each!

Yes … just imagine how incredibly amazing a Right On The Walls vinyl decal monogram could look on one of these tiles! Suddenly a 10 cent tile is a fabulous decorating accessory!

Imagine all the special, unique, and not-to-mention FABULOUS holiday gifts you could make using vinyl wall decals on these individual tiles! Just pick one of our decals, stick it on the tile and find yourself a plate stand to display it on your mantel or kitchen counter! How about that for a delightful gift?

creative reuseDo you remember relying on encyclopedias to write research papers in high school? It seems like a long time ago now … the good ol’ days? Now they are mostly used for art projects! Google them!

creative reuseGather up some crafting supplies, hit play on that magnificent large boom box, sit back in the comfy chair and prop your feet up! This cozy little corner is just right for fostering a creative atmosphere!

creative reuseButtons, buttons … who’s got the button? Well, PCCR has just a few! Fill a bag to take home for your next cool project …

creative reuseHere’s an idea — I found this creative gem on Pinterest.

creative reuseDo you like stamping? I have a friend who makes STAMP everything! Cards, stationery, gifts, wrapping paper — you name it! Next time I’ll have to bring her along.

creative reuse

Yes, those are old slides; hundreds and hundreds of ‘em!

There were about a MILLION fine art slides that a local university donated after digitalizing their entire collection!

creative reusePCCR offered a class learning to design a Lamp Shade with these! Pretty fun stuff! If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, check out PCCR for this and other interesting classes!

creative reuseI hope you enjoyed our first blog field trip — would you like to take more creative field trips with me? Start typing & let me know — I’d love to hear from you! :)

If you are not from the Pittsburgh area, look for a local reuse and recycle art supply shop near you (there are quite a few across the US).

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer



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