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Our Beautiful Wood Keepsake Boxes Hold What’s Near and Dear to Your Heart — Customize Yours Any Way You Want.

But here’s a DISCLAIMER: if you’re not a pet-lover — specifically cats — you might want to skip this blog post. You should still get yourself a Keepsake Box, but nevermind reading this entry about Michele’s kitty’s box!

(Just sayin’) ;)

Keepsake Box Wooden

Michele and Sophie-Kitty were together nearly 19 years. That’s a pretty good run for a tiny black spoiled cat, I’d say. This was a pretty serious relationship. It lasted longer than any of Michele’s boyfriends. In fact, it lasted longer than a marriage.

Er, the point is, Michele wanted a way to memorialize Sophie that’s beautiful, yet practical … but not expensive! There are many places that offer containers for this specific purpose, but they’re usually cost prohibitive, especially if you want to personalize them with a picture like Michele wanted to.

So instead, Michele chose one of the lovely mahogany Keepsake Boxes we offer on our Right On The Walls website. The boxes are affordable at $24.95, and can be used for so many special items … photos, artwork, jewelry, etc.

Cat MemorialMichele had PLENTY of pictures to choose from. (To say the very least) So she gave a few to one of our designers to create the customized 2-sided “tile” that slides into the top of the hinged mahogany box lid.

Custom Cat Memorial DesignMichele’s Sophie-kitty had a very “intense” look. >^..^<

Cat Memorial BoxHow beautiful the front of the Mahogany Keepsake box looks!

Custom Printed Pet Cremation BoxThis two-sided tile lets you put a second picture on the back — where it shows through when you open the lid. (The two-sided tile is available by special order only.) Michele chose a different picture of Sophie for inside, and the designer added a sweet little quote that got Michele all choked up when she saw it. (And a few of her co-workers, as well! We’re a soft-hearted, cat-loving bunch!)

Memorial Pet Wooden BoxAll finished! A wonderful loving tribute to Sophie-kitty. Personalized just the way Michele had in mind so she remembers her favorite kitty fondly whenever she sees this beautiful keepsake box.

We’ll customize your Keepsake Box just the way YOU want it, too. Choose from our variety of templates and upload your photos today!!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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