Construction Junction: Recycled Treasure Awaits

It’s time for another creative & inspiring field trip!
This time we’re going to CONSTRUCTION JUNCTION:

What exactly is Construction Junction, you ask? … Pittsburgh’s first non-profit building material reuse retailer. Construction Junction promotes conservation through the reuse of building materials.

And it has generally all-around cool stuff that makes me feel all fired up with creativity each time I visit! I wanted to run right home and start working on all kinds of artsy remodeling projects after our tour!

Basically, Construction Junction is a big ol’ warehouse filled with donated items from deconstruction sources.

(An alternative to demolition or renovation applying a practice of environmentally friendly building deconstruction through reuse of buildings and materials, and incorporating reduction and recycling of on-site construction materials.)

Ya got all that? Great! :)

We were lucky enough to get a “behind-the-scenes” tour — and really get the low-down on what goes on at Construction Junction. Thanks, Natalie!

Some donations arrive in “bulk” — like over 300 of these “ThisEndUp” desks, plus dorm furniture. Construction Junction has a “re-give” program for items like this and will turn around and donate to other non-profits like schools or women’s shelters who can use them.

Oooh, shiny! Gorgeous door hardware from years gone by. You just don’t see such amazing workmanship like this anymore. Construction Junction has all kinds of brass, glass, and crystal knobs for sale at the front of the warehouse.

This antique hardware is so popular, in fact, that they’ve offered an interesting doorknob wreath class during the Christmas holiday season for the 2nd year in a row! How sad it would be if these wonderful door knobs and other items ended up in the landfill — when they still have so much life!!

There sure are some amazing things to be found …

Solid wood pews from a church that was torn down. Now wouldn’t it have been a shame if these hadn’t been saved? They would look lovely in a stately home’s eat-in kitchen nook … or act as a catch-all in a large entryway … or even seating for a game room or man cave!!

Tiles that are just CRYING OUT to have some Right On The Walls vinyl decal art applied to them to create all kinds of interesting home accessories — for yourself or as a clever customized gift.

I’ve seen some pretty great DIY projects using old windows — take your pick!

I spend waaaay too much time hanging out on Pinterest and if you go there and do a search for “old windows,” you’ll see all kinds of ideas … like, for example: this board. You’ll notice that many of those projects use vinyl decals — so if you want to create your own window project and need decals, we’re here to help!!

I just never realized that row after row of pastel toilets could look so … errr, pretty!?

Look! Even more pastel toilets — and matching sinks, too!

This seemingly endless supply of old doors fascinates me every time I visit Construction Junction. It’s like they’re calling my name. I was even inspired to go create my own Pinterest Board of DOORS.

(Keep on reading to see what I’ve done with recycled doors from Construction Junction!!)

Here’s a real beauty … I could easily see this piece decorated with ornate vinyl wall art. How about an antique-looking monogram? Part of the lyrics of your favorite song? Cute little birds perched near the top? The possibilities are endless!!

Who needs office furniture? Construction Junction has a large assortment of great office furniture and their prices are very reasonable too!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Do Right On The Walls Employees Reuse & Recycle?

You Bet We Do!

Maybe you’re wondering what we’ve found at our local Construction Junction …  so here’s a sampling of MY recent rescued treasures:

This fabulous poetry graffiti door I found now proudly acts as a backdrop wall behind a desk in the Right On The Walls office area to hide all the ugly wires that sprout every which way from computers and such!

Check it out, here’s a better view of the beautiful old doors that act as a room divider in our office space. We just found two doors we liked and hinged them together.

No, I didn’t make this particular door/bench — but it was made for me using a couple of old doors from Construction Junction. I absolutely LOVE it … and what a conversation piece in my home! If this piece could talk, can you imagine the stories it could tell us?

One time I picked up these fantastically creepy-cool heads when they had a huge mannequin donation from a large department store. I gave them as a fun Christmas gift last year! :D

This plaster hand is ginormous — I love it! It made a great freaky gift too! My family and friends have come to expect the unexpected gifts from me! lol

Construction Junction has to be seen to be believed! And inventory changes quickly — it’s a different “store” each time you visit. Incredible. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, stop in!

If you’re not in the Pittsburgh area, there are recycled building material non-profit organizations all across the US. Do a Google search to find one close to you — and happy shopping!

(many thanks to the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project for coordinating this wonderful event.)

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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