Say Happy Birthday with Vinyl Wall Art

Our customers keep coming up with great ideas for using vinyl wall art. Let me show you Ashlyn’s 2nd birthday bash photos for proof!

What is the best way to make every special occasion more special-er? More unique-er? Yours and yours alone? By using vinyl wall art to create customized party themes, of course!

Ashlyn’s mommy and daddy weren’t just clowning around when they decided to do an entire carnival theme for their sweet little daughter Ashlyn’s 2nd birthday.

vinyl wall art

Right On The Walls can create the coolest customized vinyl wall art & personalized wall banners. (Contact us with your banner needs) This awesome banner designed by our staff welcomed friends and family to Ashlyn’s big top party!

vinyl wall art“Weeeeeee!” screams Ashlyn, having a blast at her party!

vinyl wall art

Carnival vinyl wall art decals labeled the favors, snack bins and prize buckets to carry the theme throughout the party.

vinyl wall art

Everything kept the carnival motif, Ashlyn even had personalized vinyl wall art decals on the party favors for each of her friends to take home.

Any party or special occasion — kid OR adult — is even more special when it’s personalized with vinyl wall art!

vinyl wall art

“Mmmmm, CAKE!”

Until next time, keep those cards and letters coming! (Okay, that’s just an old saying. What I really mean is: keep those emails coming. Send those pictures and suggestions for blog posts my way! Looking forward to hearing from you.)

I would LOVE to feature your party or special event in my blog — made special-er with vinyl wall art!! If you’d like to share your own photos & stories with me, I can fo’ sho give you a REAL NICE $25 ROTW’s gift certificate to go shopping on our website and get some free vinyl wall art!!

Wallter Smith, Decal Designer


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