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Sample Decal Pieces

Order Sample Pieces to test on a textured wall, certain type of paint or finish, wallpaper or other uncommon surface.

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  • Variety of Colors/Pieces

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We'll send you a variety of small sized colored decals to apply and test our vinyl decal material on your walls or other flat surface.

Removable Vinyl: We will send random vinyl shapes & colors. For specific colors, you must order Color Samples.
Full Color Print: Select to receive full color printing samples.

Added Bonus: With all sample orders, you will receive a special discount code to use towards your next purchase. We ship color swatches USPS Standard Mail.

It's best to test first!!
This product is great for testing if you have any of the following wall conditions:

** Any glaze or faux paint finish.
** Wallpaper (flat, glossy & textured)
** High Gloss Painted surfaces.
** Flat or Satin Paint - may require additional patience & pressure for application.
** Egg Shell Paint - may not stick. Please order sample kit for testing.
** Heavily Textured Walls may not accept vinyl application.
** Knock Down Textured Walls may experience difficulty with decal edges lifting.
** Unpainted cinder block, wood or other rough surface.
** Painted wood or plywood, may have difficulty with decal edge lift.
** Painted paneling, product may pull some paint from paneling when removed.
** Cracked, Crumbling or Peeling walls (plaster or paint).

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