Frequently Asked Questions

Easily find answers to frequently asked questions about vinyl wall decals, photo gifts and custom printing. Click on a question below to view the answer.

Wall Decal Questions

Are your vinyl wall decals removable?
Yes, and it's easy to do. Our vinyl wall decals work well for both renters and homeowners because they come off when you are ready for them to without damaging your wall or other non-porous surface. To remove, get a grip on the corner of each letter using an application/removal tool or tweezers and gently pull off the lettering. If you've had the lettering on the wall for a long period of time, you can soften them up first by using a hair dryer. 

How much does your lettering cost?
Pricing varies based on size and complexity. Please check our website for ideas ready for purchase, or visit our Creative Center to design your own. 

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we will custom design something just for you. Just email us with your ideas and one of our designers will help you.

What type of wall lettering is this?
These are individually precison cut letters that press on your wall or any flat surface. They are not decals with clear film or white areas around the letters, but rather individually cut letters that have been pre-spaced for easy application. The letters arrive on a sheet. After pressing the sheet to your wall and following our detailed instructions, you pull it back and only the lettering remains.

If your selected artwork contains more than a single color, each color will come on a separate sheet & need to be applied separately. The letters are thin... equivalent to about 2-3 coats of paint, they will give you the look of hand-painted stenciling without the time and trouble. And they don't fade or crack. 

What is vinyl lettering made from?
The type of vinyl used for our wall lettering is unique in that it is removable and easily conforms to the shape of the wall or object it's placed on — giving the appearance of paint. Our vinyl will not harm the surface and is available in many different colors.

What does "pre-spaced" mean? And can I place the lettering on multiple lines and places?
Pre-spaced means that we do all the positioning and spacing of the letters and words for you. The lettering arrives as a roll of text or art per color which you can apply in sheets, or cut the sheet of lettering in any increment you choose to make your quote 2 or more lines. You can even cut each word and place them in a creative layout. The possibilities are limitless.  

Can I make up my own quote and have it all pre-spaced also?
Yes, you can. Use our Creative Center to design your own text or monogram.Or contact us for help.  

Can I submit my own artwork or logo?
Yes, we have manufactured countless original artworks sent in by our customers. You may submit your original artwork or logo to us through the Contact Us page. We accept EPS, AI, PDF and some PSD, JPG, GIF and BMP files.

Can you reproduce artwork found in a book, magazine, etc.?
No, under most circumstance we cannot reproduce artwork that has been published or is copyright protected. Just as we cannot reproduce logos or names that are trademark protected. We can create vinyl lettering for you if you are the original owner of the artwork, phrase, poem, logo, etc. or have written consent from the owner or author to reproduce. 

If I submit a custom online order through your Creative Center, will I be able to see the letters before you make them and ship them to me? Yes, you will. Our Creative Center will generate a preview for you as you work. You choose your text, color, font and size. If you would like to place an order involving the use of your logo or other image, two or more colors or would like different sizes or fonts, please contact us and we will gladly help you with your order. 

Please be extra careful when submitting your order to make sure everything is spelled correctly. If the spelling error is our mistake, we will replace your lettering at no charge to you.  

Are there surfaces this type of lettering won't work for?
This type of lettering sticks to almost any smooth or lightly textured surface like painted walls, glass, mirrors, and smooth metal and wood. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like bare cinder block, brick, porous aluminum, or stucco surfaces. Our products have been tested on general flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint with success. The wall surface MUST be clean, or the dirt/grease will cause the lettering to peel from the surface. 

We offer Sample Kits to test your surface and make sure our product will stick well. And, Color Swatches to check color preference, and a product sample piece is included with every order. If you have a textured wall, wallpaper, high gloss paint or other unique surface we recommend leaving a sample piece on your wall for 48 - 72 hours to test it's adhesion and removal before applying your purchased vinyl. 

Because there are many types of surfaces for which the product can be applied, and all different types of paint and other surfaces, we make no guarantee the product will stick to your space. 

It's best to test FIRST!! We highly recommend testing your surface with a Sample Kit if you have any of the following wall conditions: 

** Any glaze or faux paint finish.
** Sherwin Williams Flat or Matte Paint
** Benjamin Moore Flat or Matte Finish Paint
** Green or Zero VOC or VOC free Eco-friendly Paint
** Wallpaper (flat, glossy & textured)
** High Gloss Painted surfaces.
** Flat or Satin Paint - may require patience & pressure for application.
** Egg Shell Paint - may not stick. Please order sample kit for testing.
** Heavily Textured Walls may not accept vinyl application.
** Knock Down Textured Walls may experience difficulty with edges lifting.
** Unpainted cinder block, wood or other rough surface.
** Painted wood or plywood, may have difficulty with decal edge lift.
** Painted paneling, product may pull paint from paneling when removed.
** Cracked, Crumbling or Peeling walls (plaster or paint).

The professional quality materials we use to create our vinyl artwork is approved as interior safe. Apply at your own risk. Right On The Walls shall not be held liable in the rare event that any damage or paint removal is caused during installation or removal of our products. 

I'm afraid I'll make a mistake transferring the vinyl to my wall ...
Our wall art is easy to apply and is removable. You will receive free practice lettering with your purchase to practice beforehand. It's very important to us that you feel confident about your choice both before and after you order from us. If your product has been damaged during installation, a replacement may be ordered at a discount rate. Watch our Installation Video for tips.

Do You Personalize or Customize the vinyl art?
Yes! We can customize most any of our designs to match your needs! 
Each design is custom made to order, there may be slight variations or alterations made that may differ from the images or pictures shown on our website to accomodate the increased or decreased number of characters in names, dates & other customized information.

Is the vinyl lettering reusable?
Usually not, once the lettering has been removed it will not apply to another surface. The vinyl is very thin, and removal usually deforms the shape of the letters. In the case of larger letters or shapes repositioning is possible.

What other types of products do you carry? 
Along with our vinyl wall art products you can also find wall clocks, prints, color labels, photo gifts, home decor, wedding decor and large full-color prints. 

What are your color choices? We have many different colors available to go with any decor. All colors shown on our Color Guide are in stock and ready for your order.

Do you have all colors in stock? 
Yes, we maintain a very large selection of colors. All colors shown on our website are in stock and ready for your order.

If you are looking for a specific color that we do not have in stock, please notify us and we will let you know if this color is available. If you are ordering product produced in a non-stock color, this will delay the order an additional 3 - 7 business days.

How long does it take to install the product? Installation time may vary by individual. Based on studies done by Right On The Walls, the average time is around 10 - 15 minutes. If you have never applied vinyl before, it may take longer. We make no guarantee on the length of time your vinyl artwork will take to apply to your surface, every space is unique & every application will differ.

Larger lettering with a great amount of words and/or designs can take longer to put up than shorter or smaller designs. We recommend cutting apart larger designs and applying your artwork in smaller sections if you are a first time applicator, and it always helps to have an extra set of hands or more to pitch in. Some application may require patience. Creativity takes time! The end result will be worth your extra effort! :)

Wedding Products & Decals 

Our Wedding Line is called "Right Down The Aisle". We offer personalized wedding decorations that match from ceremony to reception.

Can I use this product to decorate for a wedding or special event?
Yes you can! We have a large selection of ideas geared specifically for weddings ... and any of them can be customized just for your special day. Vinyl wall art can be placed on walls, dancefloors, favors, champagne glasses, or many other surfaces to make you day extra special and memorable. Make sure to get permission from the church or banquet hall, you can send them to our website for information about the product, or order a Sample Kit to test the vinyl on walls and/or flooring. Our designs look great as a backdrop to your photography as well!

Each design is custom made and there may be slight variations or alterations made to accomodate the increased or decreased number of characters in names, dates & other customizable information.

Please tell me more about your Aisle Runners ...
Our aisle runners are 75ft long by 40" wide and come in white or ivory satin. We will print your personalized design on the fabric aisle runner in the colors you choose. We have a large assortment of designs that you can pick from, or one of our designers can work with you to create something unique, or send us your own artwork!! 
>>Click to Shop for Aisle Runners

Please tell me more about your Table Runners ...
The table runners are now available in an amazing selection of 19 colors! These satin table runners fit on round, square and rectangular tables — making the perfect decorating accessory for the bridal table, cake table or every table at your venue! We'll print your names, date or other information on the table runner in the color combination of your choice! >>See All Table Runners

What are Chair Bands and when would I use them?
Our Chair Bands are fantastic for the bride who wants to add something special and unique to her event! Made from a lycra material, they will form fit right on the back of any chair. We offer the bands in white or ivory, and will personalize each band with any name in the colors of your choice. 

Will my package arrive before my wedding or other special event?
We make every effort to make sure you receive your package in a timely manner! We do not guarantee a delivery date. Right On The Walls is not responsibile for any customer missed dates, events, deadlines or other caused by poor order planning or unexpected shipping delays.

If your order is last minute and must be received within a specified timeline — contact us to make sure we can accomodate the expedited order. Then pay the extra postage charge for express overnight shipping.

Vinyl Wall Clocks 

Please tell me more about your Wall Clocks:
Our wall clocks combine our removable vinyl with a clock kit for a unique addition to your space. Choose from our designs or we can customize a clock for your space.

Clock parts are subject to change based on availability & discontinued items. Actual working clock parts received may be slightly different than pictured. Clock vinyl artwork will be received as pictured.

Color Printing

We can provide full-color large format prints on our digital printers. From Wall Decals to Canvas to other photos ... 

Please tell me more about your Color Labels:
We will print customized labels to personalize food, favors, crafts, gift bags, soaps, candies and much more!

General Questions

What are my payment options?
We accept all forms of payment: Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Google Checkout, eCheck or Gift Certificate.

How do I send payment?
Please use our shopping cart to choose and purchase designs.

How long does it take for an order to process?
Your order is shipped no later than 7 business days from the date of your payment. You will receive an email with tracking information when your order has shipped.

What are my shipping options?
Your shipping cost is automatically configured during checkout based on the weight of your package. We ship all packages USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.

We ship all packages in a timely manner according to our published production schedule and can not be held responsible for shipping delays once the product is no longer in our possession and has been placed in the care of the United States Postal Service. Please be prepared to expect some shipping delays during holidays.

We can upgrade shipping to USPS Express Overnight Shipping if our production schedule allows. You must notify us before placing your order and we will check to make sure we can accomodate your request. Additional charges will be incurred for rush orders.

How long should I expect to wait for an international shipment?
International shipments may take longer to arrive than standard USPS Priority Shipping within the United States. We are not responsible for delays due to customs or local delivery errors. Please continue to check your tracking information provided for your package to see the status of delivery. For International shipments, customer is responsible for all additional shipping fees, including duties and tariffs.

International orders may be subject to delays with customs. We accept no responsiblity for delays for which we have no control and do not issue refunds for delays in shipment.

What happens if I accidentally provide incorrect shipping information?
Please take extra precautions to provide us with the correct shipping address and phone number. We ship to the address provided to us, therefore we are not be responsible for re-shipment fees due to a bad mailing address if you have recently moved or incorrectly entered a mailing address.

How can I track my order?
All orders shipping to the U.S. will receive USPS shipment notification and tracking information when the order is boxed and ready to ship. The shipping notification will be sent to the email address you have provided to us. Please check your "junk" or "spam" folder if you do not receive a shipping email from us within a week of your order. 

If you can not find your shipping confirmation email or have possibly deleted it, please enter your transaction number at Track My Order. 

What is your return policy?
Please see our Return Policy for full details.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, please see our Cancellation Policy for details.

My lettering has arrived damaged:
If for some reason your lettering has arrived damaged, you may return it within 30 days for an identical replacement. Absolutely no replacement product will be issued for orders over 30 days old.

My art is the wrong size for my space:
Measure your space before ordering, or please contact us if you need help with a size different than displayed on our website. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect measurements of height or width of your purchase.

I have damaged my vinyl art during installation:
Although this is rare, in the event that your vinyl wall art is damaged during installation it would not be eligible for a return, but we will offer you a replacement piece at a reduced cost.

Each order is supplied with a small practice piece. We recommend applying this practice piece to your surface before applying the piece you have purchased if you have never applied our products before.

The vinyl is not sticking to my wall or other surface:
We offer Color Swatches to check color preference, and a Sample Kit to test on your surface before purchase, and/or a product sample piece is included with every order. If you have a textured wall, wallpaper, high gloss paint or other unique surface we recommend leaving a sample piece on your wall for 48 - 72 hours to test it's adhesion and removal before applying your purchased vinyl.

This type of lettering sticks to almost any smooth or lightly textured surface like painted walls, glass, mirrors, and smooth metal and wood. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like bare cinder block, brick, porous aluminum, or stucco surfaces. Our products have been tested on general flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint with success. The wall surface MUST be clean, or the dirt/grease will cause the lettering to peel from the surface.

Because there are many types of surfaces for which the product can be applied, and all different types of paint and other surfaces, we make no guarantee the product will stick to your space. 

Do you have special promotions?
Yes, throughout the year we offer promotions through our email list, Facebook & Twitter pages.

 Is Your Mailing List Private?
Yes, we do not rent, sell or share our mailing list. Your information is kept in strict confidence. You are not required to give us personal information in order to join.

How Often Do You Send Out Emails or Promotions?
Currently, we are sending out emails/promotions only a couple times per year. You will not receive a ton of unwanted email from us.

Large Format Photo CutOuts

Will You Remove The Background From My Photograph?
Yes, we will professionally remove the background from your image at no additional cost to you. We can not add missing parts to your photograph, please make sure NOT to upload photos with feet, arms or other important pieces cut out of the frame - unless this is how you want to receive the piece. Our pricing includes background removal only. If you require advanced photo editing please contact us for pricing and availability.

What If I Want To Keep The Background?
You may select whether you want the background cut out or printed exactly how you upload it. 

Where Can I Place The CutOut?
We recommend a clean, flat surface for application to walls, windows, doors, etc. Longevity will vary on stucco, brick, cinder block or textured walls. For a fun twist ... our material can be wrapped around wall corners, ceilings and poles!

How Many Times Can I Move My Print?
This printed piece can be removed and reapplied - but this is not something that should be done over and over or you will decrease the life of the product.

Can I Order Text To Go With My Print?
Yes, if you would like to add a caption, name or any other type of custom word art alongside your Life-Size CutOut™, you can place a custom order choosing text, font, size and color in our Creative Center.

How Are The Sizes Calculated?
Sizes are based on the longest part of your file after we cut it out of the background. If you order one of our 24 inch Life-Size CutOuts™, 24 inches will be the longest part of the piece you receive. If the photo you are planning to have printed is square, you may order up to 54" square print.

Is This A Durable Print?
Yes! We print your photograph on only the very best removable adhesive vinyl available — it will not rip, can be moved and removed, and will not leave residue on the surface when applied.

Will My Order Be Professionally Printed?
Absolutely! All orders are prepped, printed, cut and boxed right here in our US office. Every order is printed with brilliant full color on our own in-house 8 color state-of-the-art digital press to your exact specifications.

How Can I Take The Best Photo For Upload?
If you are planning to stage a photo, for best results please review our Picture Taking Basics.

Photo Gifts

What are your Photo Gift products?
Our Photo Gifts are the perfect way to show off & share your treasured photos! You're sure to find something for everyone in our ever-expanding Photo Gift selections and Design Templates.

Our Photo Gift online design application allows you to Create, Upload, Proof and Approve your designs before finalizing your order. 

All Photo Gift sales are final. Our Photo Gifts are custom made at the time of purchase. You will finalize and approve your Photo Gift before making a purchase. Due to the custom nature of this product line, your order cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded.


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